Dark samus dude

This is my Dark samus. not the Dark samus in prime 2.

I havent finish recoloring but i will


No…just no.

Proof you havent learned much. Not only is it a recolor, but it looks like a crappy invert. After testing, i found that it’s not. I’m not sure where to start, but it’s not shaded, and there’s tons of uneccessary white space around it.

Not to mention no color coordination.

you do NOT highlight a blue with a purple… and the chest’s outline really has no demension. sure, recolors are fine, but you need to use colors correctly… im sure purple has its uses, but not in the middle of a blue/BLACK arm cannon… and, black should NEVER be used in a sprite, and if its not black, my apologies.


are u using paint basic colors? if u dont know how to get custom colors, just dbl click a color box on the bottom bar, and insert what RGB value u want.

sorta random. you should restart this using the tips given…

I actually think it looks pretty cool >_>

me to

Thanks! :smiley:


Not to bring the house down, but even if that’s the look you were going for, it’s badly stretched, and all that extra white space detracts from the sprite.

Anyway, i’ll wait till you finish before i say more. >_<

I have fully recolored samus

cool, but… it looks like instead of a hand its another arm cannon.

Hm… I liked it better before. The concept of a half-corrupt Samus just made it look cool, but now that it’s fully-corrupt… The green parts stand out as being ugly, and the different shades of blue seem to be placed in just randomly.

And also, try to lower the canvas size before you upload, so that there isn’t nearly as much white space there. Right now it’s pretty big, which is unnecessary when you can zoom in to make the image 8x its size in Paint then zoom out to see how it looks overall.

I know im working on that


Only resize in Paint in intervals of 100 (in the ctrl+w menu). Doing it with the corners just screws up the dimensions.

That aside, always work on sprites at 100%, and zoom in if you need to see better. Otherwise you end up with subpixelation (pixels are different sizes ,resulting in ugly quality clashing).

Also, recolors aren’t worth jack squat anyway. >_>;

Try again. Keep it a proper size, shade it better, and do NOT stretch it. Then try actually editing the design. Dark Samus is not just Samus with new colors (which those don’t represent at all, by the way). She always varies somehow. And no, “it’s my version” is not acceptible. That is not your Dark Samus. That is Nintendo’s normal Samus with new colors and an ugly resize… If you want it to be your anything, you have to actually make it your own in some way besides horribly distorting it.

[sarcasm]Not true! I’d hate to resprite beam troopers after just doing the wave troopers!![/sarcasm]
But seriously, not completely useless.

He is right about this. If you were gonna give samus a corrupted appearance, you could at least do some edits and whatnot.