Dark Phazons 3D art

this is just abstract so don’t be like wtf is that
tell me what you think

That’s uh, not very original.
But groovy, I suppose.

Looks good. Lol, when you said “Abstract” I thought I was gonna be looking at a bunch of swirls or something like that…I’ve never truly gotten Abstract art when it’s put on display. Maybe I’m art impaired or something.

Mmm, not too shabby.
Wouldn’t call it art, though :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, but it looks really basic. The textures do look nice, but the modeling looks a little… boring.

3D modelling is an art…

I think it looks nice. You make the textures yourself?

Doesn’t mean that everything that was 3D modelled is art.
Drawing is art, but babies’ drawings aren’t art.

It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just very… default.
A cone, a sphere, a cube. And a flat thingy.

No I don’t make all the textures my self :confused:
I do have some other stuff much more complex but its all star trek
if you want me to post it ok but if you want to keep the forums star trek free I won’t

Aye, 3D modeling is an art.
So is spriting, but you would not call mine art :stuck_out_tongue:

What I mean is, you’re obviously new to it. It’s good, better than I could do, anyway, but keep at it!

Post your star trek, then :smiley:

OK then they are
right here
and here
and here
last one
I did all of the textures on these, well what textures there are.
There are more but these are some of the best :slight_smile:

what program did you use?

i noticed it supports bumpmapping =D

I used Micrografx Simply 3D 2
and yes it does support bump mapping.

I like star trek :sunglasses:

but anyhow, I like the first post though. It brings a lot of memories back strangely enough.
But yeah too bad those objects are standard (I guess right from the primitive list)

But don’t mind that, I mean, I think it’s art.
You can’t really let somebody judge whether or not something is art.
If you think it’s art, it’s art.
And by putting more effort into your work, you’ll convince yourself easier, that something is art.
And eventually you’ll convince others too.

But to get back on your work: I like it. It’s simple, but it inspires me.

Lolz, now I want to model something…xD