dammit, im angry.

as we all know, ds lite has come out.but, i might not get it. my mom is like " youve already got one you twat" but my old ds is all cobwebs and dusty. why cant nintendo just do a free upgrade… u shud b able to trade it in for a ds lite… jesus christ, the only thing nintendo hav ever done to anger me… it just makes me mad… its like sellin mario bros 3, then releasing a new version next week with 3 more levels.

Break your old DS.

Because they’re not fucking retards. What kind of person goes into a business with the intention of losing tons of money?

well yeah… but it just angers me that people do this… like what happned with gba/ sp/ micro. im not brakin my old ds… i WILL get the lite… even if i have to beg.

I have a DS but I don’t think I’m going to get a DS lite. Its only a few little better things like a brigther screen, smaller and more compact, etc. I don’t think its anything that new.

My parents don’t want me to get it either.I know how you feel.I got a regular ds but they don’t want lite.
Edit:Mine is in perfect condition!

Shameless groveling or persistent whining are the best courses of action.

KM, if your old DS is “all cobwebs and dusty”, what makes you think the same fate won’t happen to your DS Lite? You’ll only see something prettier and shinier and forget all about it.

Your DS is exactly the same as it would be if Nintendo hadn’t made the DS Lite. A shinier outside and moved microphone shouldn’t change how often you’re going to play it.

what i mean is, my regular ds is now lookin quite old… but i can get a lite if i mow the lawn for 2 weeks… i get the lite first though, so i break my leg, not having to cut grass, then my mom will 4get all about it and i will have a ds lite.

Its just cutting grass.

for 2 weeks. the grasscutters heavy, the grass is long and full of bees, and i think outside bad inside good

Pay some little kid 50 cents to do it for you.

yeah, 50 cent times 2 weeks is like… 7 dollars. enough for sugar, im sure.
not as if the little kid would do it properly anyway. anyway, my ds lite is here now !!! HOORAY

meh, get over it, just play your current ds until the ds with a lazer beam comes out (thats what im waiting for)

Or you could cut the grass and or sell your old DS, unless your like keeping all your old systems like me. Personally, if I do get it it will be later when it’s cheaper, because I still want an SP, and a gameboy micro.

Well, as it has already been stated, that’s how they’re making their money. It’s the same way with the GBA. When the GBA Xp came out, I was so pissed I dropkicked my neighbor’s dog size[/size]. They purposefully leave out some very important aspect and force the consumer to repurchase their merchandise. So, my solution is to be a prospective buyer: If I’m going to get the Wii size[/size] I will not get it when it first comes out. Then, if they make upgrades to the stock design, I’ll buy it when it’s better.

size Funny quote from Maddox
(2) I may not get the Wii, right now I’m focused on my computer dealings[/size]

I don’t believe that’s why they remade the DS. I’m pretty sure it’s because there have been complaints on the DS’s size and weight, not to mention overall design. (Though the DS already looks dead sexay) Maybe for the GBA SP, or the GB Micro, but I don’t think Nintendo was trying to screw us over with the DS.

Or, maybe the reason they remade the GBA’s was because of your reasons, but also because they didn’t want their merchandise to because obsolete…I dunno…

Mowing the grass twice a week for two whole weeks? Amazing, how can you even consider physical labour in this day and age?

Urgh, it bugs the hell out of me when I see people talking like that. It is not a bad thing! The entire reason you even GET a portable game device is so you can play it when you aren’t in the house, that’s why they were designed in the first damn place! Mow the grass, that’s maybe four hours a week, get money, buy the Lite, sell your old one on eBay! Maybe get a tan out of the whole thing while you’re at it! Or better yet, mow the grass and save the money for something worthwhile! The Lite can’t play any games your DS can’t. The only desgn difference is size and light screen; and from the sounds of you, you aren’t gonna be going anywhere to play that you have to worry about size or lack of electrical lighting.

It would be more wierd if nintendo would make a new nintendo ds “Nintendo ds lite lit” :smiley:>

Wow all my friends just waited for the DS Lite. Me personally? I’m gonna wait for Nintendo DS Lite Advanced SP. Have fun!