Will the damage ratio be as similar to Prime as possible? Or will you adjust it to suit what you think is good?

Jesus buddy, would you just ask all these questions in one post or something?! I’m surprised Daz hasn’t mouthed you off yet, seeing as how he does it with people who make multiple graphics topics. :wink:

that surprises me too, especially considering that this is your 9th (im pretty sure) topic.

Yeah, and I remember when Prime made like only 3 topics for sprites, and Daz replied with something along the lines of:


:laughing: :laughing:

Yeah, i saw him say that, that was funny.

1–There are rules about multiple graphic topics. Not about multiple question topics.
2–That was his third new topic AFTER already being told that.

However, he has a point. YOu’re making way too many of these. <_<

Ya, I made all these when I was new to P2D and wanted to know all the details about the game. Maybe you can delete ALL the topics I started in Ideas and Comments. Nobody wants these topics to fill up a page.