daawesomejohn's sprite

i made this sprite of dark samus. I know it’s a little unsprite-looking, but i think it’s pretty good. It took me like ten minutes.


Ten minutes does not a good sprite make. Take your damn time, and you can make it good.

That’s…um…decently shaped, but completely unshaded and flat…

i dont like the all black. If you’re going for the ultra lighting effect where 1 part is light and the other is completly dark, then you still have to add shading to the dark parts. mainly the parts that stick out like the knee plates and the ankle where she has that wierd triangle thing.

I culd take a shit and make a better looking arm cannon than that by molding my crap into the shape. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude, beleive me, i used to say that about my sprites. Then i came to this board… check out the Redhalberd Sprites, i got roasted. But thats the only way you’ll get better. The people here can give you a few pointers.