Czar's Sword Forge

wat do yea think? shud i animate this.
dude i cant view images.

-More contrast

No, LESS contrast. It has way too much as it is. o_O;

ok i shaded it and lowered the contrast. it looks better now. im gonna make different directions its pointing in than animate a swing without anyone holding it lol.

Can’t see much of a difference… :sweat:

Uuh, why is it that the hilt of the sword is outlined in black, but the blade isn’t?

If you copy/Paste’d it to paint you would see a difference. Not to say that it’s a relatively big one… :sweat:

yea ripway kinda sucks for reuploading files that were changed so i had to make a new account

Fixed the hilt and the crystal is outlined black cause its being helt by a black coloured metal.

If it was covered by a black colored metal, than howcome we can see red? >_>

u miss read it. i sed it was being held by a black coloured metal

I made this scatter bombu without lightning. and when im dun i’ll do the sword.

It is good but a little edgy on the animation. And remember not to double post.

wat do u mean by edgy. is it the way its shaded?

No, he means that it’s animated badly.

Ya. I think it shakes too much when it spins. Are you sure you have all the frames lined up the same way as the P2D Pulse Bombu?

Kid, please stop raping the English language before I have to take action personally. It’s irritating as hell to read, and makes you look like a complete idiot.

Were you addressing moi?

No, i’m 99% sure he was addressing Red Phazon there Coolman.

Coolman, must you always assume that complaints are targeted towards you? :stuck_out_tongue: When one guy is typing like a pre-adolescent tadpole on crack and you’re typing perfectly normally, who do you THINK I meant?

…him. Ya, I have this thing with being perfect. I like too take critisism, okay???

well its a little hard to animate with gif animater