Czar's Photoshop works..

Well here’s what i’m starting with. I know i have a wallpaper on the sig/avatar topic though <_<.

I think it would look more balanced with the girl on the right and the text on the left, but it looks pretty good how it is. :slight_smile:

Um, how much of that did you do yourself?
If all you did was the background, then I can’t say I’m very impressed.

Well I didn’t draw the render if that’s what your asking.

Well, duh, but is it you that made it all purply-like and added the bright spots on the hair and all? What it looks like right now is you just splashed a render onto a (while pretty awesome) fairly simple background. It looks good, but it isn’t impressive compared to your other stuff…

Backgrounds like these made in Photoshop are never “impressive” anyway, so looking good is all that matters.

I don’t care much about impressiveness… Just what looks good to me.

Edit: Here’s the render. You should’ve noticed by now that parts of here hair is fucked up. That’s where I removed the feathers floating around and practically rebuilt her hair in those spots.

Looks good to me, too, I just thought you’d open your very own topic with something transcending definitions of coolness.
Also, I can’t notice the hair at all, even after you pointed out to me… you did a nice job on that.

I can notice it, but not after I did the image in the first post. It was all covered up. I’m probably gonna get another one going now.

EDIT: Might not be the best i’ve done…

that transcends the definition of coolness >.>;

I see <_<…

I still need to get better at photoshop though.


What? Come on speak in a language I understand here…

Quoted For Truth =P

You should read this tut, it’s good for begginers:

Takes alot to load, just b patient.
Also, if you really wanna get better in ps, just join a gfx forums.

That’s a sweet tutorial, I’m gonna try it on my next image.

Wow… That was intense!

I… words cannot describe how fucking awesome that is. Wow.

Thanks Tim =D

I’m so lookin forward to doing more of those :smiley:.

Just noticed that we have 777 registered members.

The other one was better <_<…