CV's photoshop stuffs.

Yeah, I’m sure you all doubt my artistic ability by now, but what the heck =D
I went through the tutorial that was linked in Czar’s thread, messed with stuff on my own, etc… some of which was inspired by the magic circle not working =)
nightmare 1
nightmare 2
nightmare 3

They are of Nightmare from Soul Caliber, aaand I’d like to know which one looks better to your eyes. I personally like the first. The second seems… meh-ish, and the third looks like I’ve done too much with the purple lines and such.

…unlike any other graphic art, I can actually make things almost-half-decent with photoshop.
…in my opinion.

me likes =3

lol, thank you.


Don’t find this one entirely impressive, but whatever… not exactly horid.

Edit: Make sure to zoom in, or it doesn’t look quite right. Specifically the lines around the sword.

i like the first Nightmare, It just looks awesome with the blue/purple BG. And the Ichigo has a good background, but the lines on the sword, B=bad bad.

All right then… how 'bout these two
Dim lines
no lines

Still look better without the dim lines?

Wooo, background that… was… actually really simple. Just some brush packs…
I still like it.
Looks sloppy if you don’t zoom in.

It’s not often that I am incredibly proud with my work.
This time I am.

…those are both links, fyi.

Edit: wtf, how did this topic sit here for a year and a half? <_<
Ah well, better than making a new topic.

probably not better than triple posting. >_> Still, good stuff man.

Actually, I believe that is incorrect in this case. Double posting is okay for updates after some period of time (a week or so? three days? I don’t remember the exact number). For an update after a year and a half, I would think a third is alright.
…I mean, an edit wouldn’t really have gotten the job done in this case <_<

Pretty sure Daz doesn’t want ten “CVs photoshop crap!!” threads floating around.

Cloud, I believe it’s 5 days.

Oh, Cloud’s right, btw.

Also, Cloud, I’m using that green and blue wallpaper you made as my desktop wallpaper. 'Tis awesome. I love it.

EDIT: Damn, I used your name alot in that, Cloud. There I go again!

No problem =3
I didn’t watermark it 'cuz I want people to use it. Although I could probably watermark it anyway <_<
But I’m not all that worried about someone taking it as their own. I just… don’t think they will =P

Edit: lol, wtf, I didn’t even link to the good one…
HERE you go.

Oh wait, did you mean the one with the planets and all that?
Cool, glad you liked it =D That was pretty easy to make, took about twenty minutes, lol. Just a bunch of brushes.

So I made a wallpaper for my new monitor out of boredom.
I didn’t think it was that great, but then a number of people called it badass.
So I thought I’d post it here to share.

Link form because picture is big =D

This version got all resized, but I was too lazy to look up an image hosting site that supported 1920x1080 images. If people show interest, I’ll upload a bigger one somewhere.

Thats coool.

Oh right.
Here’s the one that doesn’t suck.
And by doesn’t suck, I mean is primarily unchanged except for the stuff I drew in with my spiffy tablet.

some damn cool shit, man

I came.

Not really, but I wanted you to feel cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s sweet. Mind if I make it my comp’s wallpaper?

Go for it. My room mate already made it his room wallpaper.

Not really, but I wanted me to feel cool =<

But yeah. Made it to be used. I can pull off the signature-ish mark thing on the bottom left if it’s distracting or something.

And thanks, CMC =D

Nah, keep the watermark. That way, if anyone asks, I can just point instead of, y’ know, engaging in conversation. :stuck_out_tongue:

Law of least physical effort wins on two counts.
Less clicky for me, less mouth movement and brain activity for you.

So very true. Btw, the pic is really cool. Good enough to replace my previous wallpaper, which, to be honest, was beginning to bore.