CV's new sprite attempts

I WAS just going to use my old (oldoldoldoldold) thread, but 1.) it’s on page seven, and 2.) I sounded like a n00b in that thread.

I just looked over some tutorials, practiced some AA and reverse AA, and all that good stuff. So I just got the basic part of the upper body of a robot… thing completed, and started using AA on one of the arms. (really jagged looking)…240/robot-1.jpg
The one on the left has two layers of AA, and the one on the right has three. It is still looking pretty jagged, even with the extra layer, but if I add another one, won’t it start looking pillow shaded? I mean, it’s already starting to with the one on the right. Is there any way to fix the jagged look?

I haven’t started shading or anything like that, so don’t point out the obvious.

it looks good. thats a good start! continue changing it intul it looks better and it will look way better!

btw happy b-day!!

Well, not only does it look pillowshaded, but the colors are too similar. To me it looks like you just made the outside shadow larger. You should really try finishing the sprite first and then going back to shade it.

once u finish it, u should also try some manual anti-aliasing to make it less jagged. also, finish it, then shade it up so we can all see how cool it looks :slight_smile:

and yes, that looks really pillowed

um…want me to shade it?

Yeah, just dont pillow it.

I did try to manually AA it. I just… didn’t do so well. Which is why it looks pillow shaded.

Gold Leader: I’m just using the left arm to check if I’m doing anything horrible with the spriting, shading, or AA. That said, I fixed the AA up a bit, and shaded it.

I started shading it with four colors, but they looked way too similar, so I tried it with three. I kinda like the way it turned out…