There was a topic on SCU about this a while ago, but I’ve grown more experienced since then. In that topic, it was nearly the first time I’d ever heard of such a practice.

Now, however, I know at least 20 people that cut or used to cut, two of which are close friends of mine, so I’m a wiser man.

Every person I’ve asked said it’s the stupidest thing they’ve done in their lives :slight_smile:

Anyway, the question: Do you cut, do you know any people that cut(ted), and what’s your opinion on cutting?

I don’t cut, and I think it’s a horrible thing to do. But on the other hand, I don’t think it’s the end of the world, all the cutters need is a bit of support, and a bit of time, and they’ll be good again. HOWEVER, people that cut, I think, tend to be less enjoyable people for the duration of their cutting, just like anyone in a depression.

Really, I think that the big thing about cutting is that it’s a signal of depression. Cutting itself isn’t the bad thing (if some happy-go-lucky guy starts cutting, it’s not that bad. It happened once at my school), it’s the emotions accompanying it.

Discuss. >_>

ahhh!!! attack of the emos!

no i dont cut my self or know anybody that cuts themself.

i also dont understand why people do it. why would anybody want to encur pain upon themselves?

That’s what I don’t understand either. What’s the whole point? “Omg I cut my arm I feel so much better”? “Oh yeah… this is so addicting”? “Oooooooooo, pretty colors…”? I just don’t understand the whole emotional part of it, maybe because I’ve never tried it or known anyone that has, and I don’t think I want to. To me cutting yourself seems almost as random as sticking your arm in a trash can. “Omg I’m addicted, but I feel so much better. My emotions are gone now. Oh yeah… Pretty colors… I should do this more often”?

I dont get it at all, and I really wish I did. I’ve known extremely bright and normal-seeming people who secretly did it all the time, so clearly it’s not just a thing for emos and weirdos. And none of them can explain why either. :\

I don’t get it either? :confused:

Before I say anything, I AM NOT AN EMO/GOTH (I don’t need flaming/stupid comments right now)

I believe that cutting is a way of easing pressure, sort of like taking an aspirin. The difference is that aspirin relieves physical pain while cutting gets your mind busy on the pain instead of some kind of mental problem or severe stress. Of course I don’t cut so I really have no clue, but if it isn’t this, then frankly what the f@#% could it be?

Gold Leader’s right: that’s exactly how all cutters describe it. It’s a distraction from life.

It’s like playing video games, except it’s bad >_>

There can be many reasons someone wants to inflict pain upon themselves. As mentioned, there is the distraction, possibly from your emotional pain, and then there is the opposite. Almost everyone goes through depression at a point of there life, I have many times. Some people eventually kill themselves, if the pain is bad enough. If you want to get out, but “don’t have the guts” so to speak, giving yourself enough pain to make your life completely unbearable is logical enough. Add pain, and then get rid of it all, really. I’ve never actually done that, nor have I ever cut myself, but it isn’t such a tough concept to grasp.

There is one problem with the distraction theory, however. People who are depressed don’t want to be cured, they just want to die. They aren’t going to try to get themselves better at all.

That’s not true at ALL. People with depression NEVER want to be depressed. They don’t want to die, they want to stop feeling like they do, even if it means killing themselves.

No, I’ve been extremely depressed before, and the only way I wanted to end my pain was to die. You never think, when you are depressed, that things are going to get better. And at the point, you wouldn’t care less at all, since you feel as though they’ll only get worse afterward.

I have sometimes, but when I am hungry like now… :angry:

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I know a thing or two about the subject, and enlighten you people…or something. As most of the old SCU goers know, I used to be married and crap, until a car accident robber my wife and unborn child of their lives. After that moment I was an emotional wreck, if not for a very good of friend of mine, I would have not been able to make this post. I never actually cut myself, but at one point I stuck a rather large knife, right through my arm, and ended up with a little too big a hole for comfort, wich some might remember. For your average John Doe this would be quite unthinkable, and too painful to even wish you could do. This is the same for people who decide they want to cut themselves, altough to a much less extreme manner.
Its like therapy, it works like your ‘happy place.’ By harming yourself your mind concentrates on the pain you are enduring, instead of the problems you wish to avoid. This can be anything from, being teased at school, or bad performance and not able to speak out about it, or simply afraid to do so, because people might get angry at you or something. But eventually all these things inside you start building up, and up, and up. After I lost Linda (my wife), I rammed a car into a wall, simply hoping the crash would end my life, and have often stood on the edge of a cliff, thinking about things, and just walking, eventually ending at the edge. Like I unwillingly wanted to kill myself, right there. If it wasn’t for one person, that act would have gotten very real long ago. Often is the case of cutting just a way of asking for attention, because you wont get it otherwise from parents or the like, but sometimes problems are rooted a lot deeper. There can be many things, you could have been assaulted in your youth for example, and you try to hide it away, but the pain of the experience must come out, one way or another. You cant keep everything to yourself, always.
Dont just go dissmissing every case of harming yourself as simply ‘emo, or crying because they are losers.’ Some go to a theraphist, and some go outlet their anger/frustatration in sport. And some do this.


WTP… I’d never heard about your wife’s death… I heard about your marriage, though.:frowning: You’re alright now, though, right?
I can’t imagine what the death of a close one is like… the closest I’ve come is when one of my friends was suicidal… just for a brief period of time. I hope you’re okay now! :slight_smile:

Maybe… it differs from person to person. Maybe I’m just wrong, but the way WTP put it, it sounded like what I was trying to get across… except, of course, not like anything I’ve ever witnessed. You do things to yourself because you want to escape the feelings inside you.

Your definately stronger than I am, WTP. If someone that close to me died, I know that I couldn’t hang on for very long. I suppose you don’t have to go through a situation to understand how it would feel, but still, the real deal HAS to be much worse than I can imagine.

My uncle’s dad died last year and I fell sorry for your wife WTP, but I hate it when a famly member dies and the one real close to you like your wife or for anyone like there mom or dad, etc

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