Croc Hunter Killed!

Many of you may not even watch his shows. But those of you who do, say some nice things. I truly loved his shows and i thought he should get his own topic so… I think he died doing what he loved. He was so passionate about animals and protecting them.
I always used to watch his shows and while everyone else watched and saw a crazy man just waiting to be killed, I saw a man with a big heart for animals. Now that he is gone, he will truly be missed by all. Even if you just miss making fun of him :wink:

he got peirced by a sting ray, didnt he.

yeah he had a great gift, and after seeing him dodge alligator jaws and snake snaps, i thougt hed never get killed by an animal. its too bad. i hope his son continues his legacy.

This is really just too bad… I loved his show and I never thought that he was in any sort of danger. I’m really going to miss his show. The worst thing about this is that his son is just a baby and he was only 44. We will all miss you. :frowning:

At least it wasn’t a parrot. They’re apparently the only animal he feared.

Seriously. >_>;

But that’s toeing the line there, I suppose. Point is, wow. I’ve been around stingrays all my life, and I’ve never even heard of someone getting stabbed in the heart. That doesn’t even make sense. Not to mention they’re mostly harmless and hardly ever fatal. D:

Pity. Steve was a great man, by crikey. And his poor family…

Yes. It’s shocking. It’s the 3rd sting ray death in austrailia. It’s a freak accident almost. My brother wants to be a herpetologist, and steve has been his idol all his life. He’s seen every episode, and has been watching the show straight for about 7 years. If anyone is hurt, it’s him, but i’ll do my best to display the pain.

Steve was a great man, and really loved what he did. Education the masses about animals, trying to save the planet, and was probably one of the leading educators of our time. His loss will change how people look at conservation, but hopefully, for the better. I hope that a new era of enviornmental awareness will rise, and i doubt steve would have it any other way.

Godspeed to you Steve Erwin.

Wow and I was wondering how he didn’t die next to all those dangerous animals. Well if anyone didn’t deserve to die it would be him. He made educational shows that even Jr. Highers wouldn’t mind watching. Now we are stuck with Bill Nye the Gay Guy!

I thought Bill Nye was out of business?

Well, his death is a loss, but I was actually expecting it. After all, he did some pretty stupid stuff around those animals sometimes (like one time he reached under a rock while underwater, not knowing what was underneath it, and an eel bit or stung him).

His show was brilliant and it’s a great loss for everybody who watched it and all his fans,

RIP Steve Irwin

my dad was stung by a stingray just in the finger, now he has serious heart problems, and lots of other stuff, he still works as fire chief though. stingrays can be some bad shit man.

steve had a great show, and a great passion for animals, at least he got to go out doing the things he loved, he truly lived loving life, its a shame someone who held life so dear, saving them and all, had to lose his, which he always valued as well, no matter the conflicts.

god bless him.

Im glad there are others out there who feel the same as I about Stevo :slight_smile:

Well I taught he was going to get killed by something else than a Stingray( I feel sorry for him and his family) What Daz said about Stingray, I been around some with there stinger and my dad as well when he went diving long ago he didn’t get stung.

Well The Cro Hunter died what he love doing. :frowning:

As was I. No one is faster than animals all the time :frowning:

I can’t say I know much about him, but I did watch a few of his shows when I was younger. He did have something special though. He could certainly tell when an attack was coming.

Like what has been said here before, he died in a sad way.

I loved Croc Hunter. :cry: Everyone will miss him.


yeah in the heart after he dove into water

i think i should do the crocodile hunter penguin. His movie was SO funny!!! The funniest part is when there was that constopated person on the toilet and when she tryed so hard the house exploded! :smiley:

thats not cool.

IMO, this will be the talk of the day, then be forgotten in a week or so…

poor irwin…IM SAD!
he will always be remembered at kabutroids site as the crocomire hunter(dont ask)

Im glad you think that would be funny to make Irwin a pengin >_< idiot