Crazy old man looses it!

well, i was with worldh8r666 in his resteraunt, and we heard the kid from over the road cry. we looked and we saw an old man holding up a knife to the 3 year old, and we whent over to see. the man said that the kid was on his land, but that land is owned by my uncles friend. so we told the old man to go dig his grave and guess what… he chases us, although he was like… 1 mph. so we laughed and walked away slowly. if than ludicrous old guy ever threatens us again, were just gonna get rid of him.


i really have nothing to add to this topic… i doubt anyone could. so ill just chuckle and say “heh funny”

Wow…that’s interesting. Likewise, i have nothing to add to this topic. But definetly would have been worth a youtoube.

just because the crazy old man was being a bitch doesnt mean u have to too… >.>

maybe hes mentally unstable and laughing at him could make him a mass cerial killer.

well i dunno if he is mentaly retarded, but those kind of people should be locked in a soft yellow room.


are you directing that towards me?

hehehe. definately agreed >_>


what? I don’t get it …

Not to be completely unoriginal or anything, but: