Could anyone help me?

Hi im new here on P2d forums and I wondered if someone could make me a cool signature picture with phazon samus and my name over phazon samus? :wink:

EDIT: never mind, i misread.

  • flyinrooster

You really need to learn some comprehension, Roosty.

oh, oops. sorry, didn’t read too good.

i didnt understand r reply roost :confused:

i know, i miss read ur post, so i messed up mine, i’m going to edit it.


did u want anything like mine or Dark_Samus’ sig
im not recommending myself to do it because there are other people on this forum that can make much better sigs than me
just look at other peoples’ sigs and PM the person whose sig u like the best
thats what i did but i eventually made my own
which is exactly what i have now

I could give it a shot later today maybe.