Cortez's sprite gallery

i’m trying to learn how to sprite instead of recoloring so i would like some constructive criticism on how i can make the body better and learn to shade better.

here is the criston suit:

the blue bug is animated.(wings flap and legs move)
also how do i actually make the supposed to be animated bug animated?

a noble attempt, however, sadly, it is very off, mainly having everything not be the right size. the shading is a bit off, however, i have to say is a good atempt as well. posture is wrong.

also, bug should have more blurry wings.

as i said, while not considered very good at all, it is however a very good first start! :slight_smile:

i hope to see you try and do better on samus, if you need more imput, i will be happy to add some, this is very interesting!

take a look at your self and base the anatomy of the figure off that (except that you prolly dont have breasts XD)

a good idea is making the head first, then copy > paste it 6 times in a totem poll… the top of the legs should come up to about 3 heads. from there, you can base the arms by having a relaxed pose with its arms around the hip area. its really that simple. if something doesnt look quite right, try changing it to what you think would work better.

or find actual sprites of very good quality, and begin to measure them, not specific, but generallly.

Dude, if your gonna help him with actual spriting, I wouldnt complain about the proportions just yet.

You have contrast down pretty well, but your shading skills could use some touchups. Some places should be shaded that arent, and vice versa. It’s not actually bad, it just could be alot better.

thats pretty good, sorta big, its cool cuz its not varia inspired like most sprirtes…make the head sink into the boby more and the chest sink into that blue stuff more and bring the up more

proportions and general shape should be worked on a final project before shading…not the other way around.

besides, it will help him finish something he can be proud of.

above:new image
below:old image

looking better, get rid of that stupid backround though it almost makes me belive you didn’t do those sprites…pull the arms in closer and makes the lines smoother with the colors
the arms are also too long

:confused: …um…i think you made it worse…

try one part at a time, and putting it next to an actual samus sprite.

i have a suggestion. in stead of using 2 shades (which look kind of cartoony) you should use three! or you could do some hardcor dithering…

for a simple dithering lesson

go to tutorials

updated pic

Just what exactly are you trying to do? If you want it to look cartoony, well, you finished it. But if you want it to look realistic and detailed resize it for God’s sake. Take an anatomical (correct body-size) picture from the web and use it to make your Samus look more real and less disfigured.

Pretty good! (For A Binginer.)

It got worse with every update. :\

Seriously, man, have you ever even HEARD of proportions? And, y’know, custom palettes? Proper shading? JOINTS? Samus’s legs are covered in metal. Metal does not bend like that.

OMG dazz, you really got some perfection issues, seriously, hes a begginer. Just because its not perfect like your sprites (which have been redone, 4-5 times now isnt it?) you go and diss him. jeez. GR

I’ll save Daz’s oxygen for more useful debates by administering some common sense:

Ok, first of all I won’t say, “OOH, DAZY’Z GONNA KICK UR ASS!” Simply put, he’s a regular guy, and just because he’s a mod does not make him a god.

Perfection issues? Dazuro was stating what was wrong with it and how it should be fixed. Face it: If something’s wrong, it’s wrong, and you should be honest and say so. What, were you expecting Daz to pat him on the head and say, “You did a good job”? No, it’s called frankness and it’s something we really need more of in today’s ass-kissing, politically correct world.

His sprites are not perfect and never will be. Your attempt to point out his own failabilities is pointless because everyone is human, including you and metroidkid.

Diss? A horrible word, I’m amazed it’s still in use. Dazuro did not “diss” metroidkid. In fact, your comment is a boomerang. You’re “dissing” Daz by saying how his sprites have been redone so many times and by what I believe to be is an abbreviation of “Get Real” at the very end of your post (at least I think it is. I’m not fluent in your “hip, young, lingo”). We’re in the real world; where are you?

GR= GRIM REAPER XD just jokin around ya know. u guys ar so funny.
disrespect is not an old word so wtf are you talking about, and dazz does have perfection issues, does he not. cant make a joke on this forum i guess.

Oh yes, that’s right. The term used by Dazzy worshipers which reffers to his life-stealing abilities… That’s pathetic.

Sure didn’t seem like that to begin with. Do I sense an excuse? Oh, and I amuse you? That’s nice to know.

Well pardon me for not knowing what the hell it referred to. See, I actually use words.

Where’s the proof that he does anyway? Your argument is unfounded, and even your “He want’s everything to be better” bullcrap is bullcrap: You can’t be content with art, it’s not something that can be totally perfected. There’s ALWAYS room for improvement.

Funny how you were still arguing Daz’s perfectionism and now you’re calling it a joke…