Corrupt: Assault

Corrupt: Assault

The next generation of Metroid fangaming… A story of devievement, corruption, and a threat large enough to end all of humanity. I bring you ‘Corrupt Entertainment’s’ new project, Corrupt: Assault. The game not only delivers exploration and lots of shooting action, but it’s plot will really hold the whole atmosphere together.

-The Beginning-
It all started off on planet SR-388. Several creatures were brought on board the BSL Station, many of them captured from the depths of the planet below. It was not long before the Federation relised that these creatures were hosts of the X parasite, a (previously) rare organism whom kills it’s victim and stores it’s DNA, allowing it to fully copy it’s prey. It was too late, before the Federation could prepare any form of containment or defense against the threat, a powerful explosion rocked the BSL, releasing the infected creatures and X into the station. As the X spread, it was only a matter of time before the whole station would become prey to the parasite.

Through security recordings and observations by Adam (whatever he is here), it becomes apparent that the X’s intelligent was far underestimated… As it was proven that the X were knowledgeable and capable of using Federation technology, the problem became even more severe. Deep within the BSL Station lies what some call “The Core”, home to the Federations most advanced technology yet. This section of the BSL was made for extensive weapons research, environmental studies, bio genetic testing, and also contains many foreign technologies which are still not fully understood today. If the X were to make it into “The Core”, not only would they now have access to some of the most powerful weapons ever conceived, but if they get their hands on “it”, all hope may be lost…

Soon the Federations top priority is to contain “The Core” and quarantine it from the rest of the station. The Federation sends their best trooper (Commonly federed to as the “Gfed Commander”) to carry out their will and ensure that the Federations secret is not revealed. The Gfed Commander arrives on the docking bay, carrying only a combat pistol and Federation standard issue assault rifle.
As the the Gfed Commander reports to FHQ, he receives his first mission: Investigate the security breach in the main lobby, find the cause and destroy any threat you may encounter."

This is where the game begins, there will of course be many plot twists in the game.

-Is there a Demo?-
Well, there is not a demo of the actual game yet, but we do however have 'Project Dread: 3." This is a demo that shows off the new Corrupt Engine, and it also shows some of the enemies and AI that will be featured in the real game. There are of course some bugs in this demo that we plan on correcting later on. There will be updates for this demo posted when we correct these problems.

-Demos and Build Downloads-
Name: Project Dread 3
Type: Minigame
Size: 9.01 MB
*Choose from 5 weapons inlcuding the Stun Stick and the Resonator.
*runs on the new Corrupt: Engine
*AI which follows you, attacks you, and even shoots projectiles at you.
*Hish scores table
*Double Jump
*Profile system (May not work as of now, we are working o this bug now)
A- Move back
S- Crouch
D- Move foward
Shift- Jump
1-4- Switch through weapons
Left click- Shoot equiped gun
Right click- Switch to Stun Stick
Last Updated: Not Updated
Download: Link

-Upcoming Releases/ Updates-

I know you guys are probably sick of how long it’s taking to make this game, and for that I apologise. It seems most of my time was spent on the demos, when I should have made the actual game my number 1 priority.:frowning: I really hope that you will all be pleased when the first section of Corrupt: Assualt single player is released. So right now I have put the updated Dread 3 on hold, and am now working more on the engine to prepare everything that will be in the single player game. Here are some thing sthat have been added:

[i]-Newly Added Features-

  • Stun Stick (will be upgradable)
    *Quick Switch, allows you to change from stun stick to previous weapon by simply clicking “Right Mouse.”
    *Weapin and Amo pickups
    *New Crossheir

-What to expect soon-
*Fully working HUD system.
*Multiple suits
*Interactive Laser Sight (used for scanning and enemy detection)
*More weapons[/i]

Minor Update:
Almost finished for a little sprite I have been working on. The GF Fighter, the ship you will use in the game. It was made 100% froms cratch, but it’s using the Fusion color pallete, and there are many thng inspired from the Fusion ship. Comments and critique would be appreciated.

After much thought, I figured it would be best to start working on the single player game. Projec Dread can easily be modified and debugged without much time needed, but if I want to show off Corrupt: Assault at the NCFC, I’m going to have to get a god ammount of progress done… Since I have no spriters, I am going to be doing the majority of the spriting myself, which may cause slowdown since I am also the one programming and creating the levels. Right now, I’m working on the GF Commanders ship, the Galactic Federation Fighter. So far I have only showed Emperor it’s design, but IMO it looks good so far, it just needs more meat on it. I expect to update the screens when I finish the sproite and put together an intro sequence.

As of now, Corrupt: Assault and Project Dread will be entering the Nintendo Community Fangame Convention (or NCFC). Long story short, this is in many ways an E3 for fangames. It will take place on October 6-13 I believe. At this convention, the nintendo fangaming forums will get to show off any type of Nintendo related fangame they have. I have high hopes for this competition, so I’m going to work hard on Corrupt: Assault and Dread to have something worth showing off. I want my game to stand out above the rest, I want this to be something different from all those Metroid clones out there. More news on this event when it comes to me.

For our next demo, we plan on releasing the first Mission of the real game, Corrupt: Assault. However, it may take some time to gather all he resources and fix up the engine and add more features. Note: All this have been copied and pasted form the other forums which I have posted it at, that’s why the “updates” are all in this one post.

The intro is cool, but those shots were loud enough to freak out my mom downstairs. >_>;
Awesome title screen/main menu music. Is that custom for the game? The music you had in the previous demos were also really nice.

The fading from menu screen to menu screen is nice, but it’d be nicer if it was at least twice as fast and didn’t have to be fully faded in to begin fading out to another screen. Slow fading should be for more dramatic times, like into and out of the title screen.

There are a few weird collision issues in-game that make me wonder if it’s possible to get pushed into a secret world. Nothing like getting stuck collision issues… It’s all really smooth. It’s just that objects seem to push into ramps and walls. It’s probably something as simple as checking collision after all objects have moved each frame instead of before, but I don’t know how MMF or TGF2 or whatever works.

Other than collision… More ammo plz. >_<
My high score is only 140.

I like the ship.

So I take it this takes place before Metroid Fusion, and Samus is not involved?

link to project dread gives a 404

Right, link must have been removed from the site when it was updated…
New temporary Ripway download: