Core i7

I’m back up and running… on a Core i7.


you really need to stop using the 10 megapixel camera


Also, I’ve OC’d it to 3.19 ghz stable on stock, once I get better cooling I might try for 4. :smiley:

i bet i can overclock my E8400 to 4gigs :smiley:

i added 2 fans extra to the case (although they’re not running at the moment) and i’m using arctic silver (excellent thermal compound… top notch on newegg).

PS your video card looks like a beast.

btw, why is your PSU at the bottom of your case?

1- I bet I can OC mine to 4.5, that seems to be the norm for i7s.

2- My case has MORE fans, and they are larger, too.

3- It is a beast. :stuck_out_tongue:

4- Because I have a Lian-Li super tower, and if it was mounted at the top, due to how tall the case is, it would be unstable.

what thermal compound are you using BTW?

The stuff that came stock. :laughing:

I won’t get arctic silver until I buy my Liquid cooling loop, but I might get a Noctua instead… Idk. LC is just so freaking expensive.

liquid cooling is risky isn’t it? I mean… one puncture in the system and boom a fried computer.

It’s really not THAT problematic. You always leak-test first, and after that it’s unlikely that you will spring a leak.

Even if you do, there are additives in the coolant that make it non-conductive.

can you link up the coolant system you’ll use? This is relevent to my interests.



CPU block:…?tl=g30c323s835



give me your old stuff =D

Well my old Mobo/CPU is broken, and my old cooler sucks and only fits core i7s. So I don’t think that will do you much good. xD

got any ram i can has? xD

Finally got a pic of my new rig. :smiley:

Intel Core i7 (8 threads) @ 4Ghz
6GB Corsair DDR3 1600 @ 8-8-8-24
EVGA x58 SLI LE Mainboard
2x Nvidia Geforce GTX260 in SLI
Corsair 1KW PSU
Lian-Li PC-A70b Super-Tower case (Modded)
Noctua SE 1366 CPU cooler

Overkill FTW.

Can’t wait 'til we start using optical or quantum computers so I look like a fool for calling this overkill.

It’s only overkill until Crysis 2 comes out. :confused:

barely overkill now if you’re only getting 60 FPS on max settings with the first game. Granted the same result can be achieved with the insanely optimized 8800 but whatever.

Actually it takes 3x 8800s to run decent FPS at 720p.

I can do that on 1 260.

The 8800s are good yes, but they are showing thier age.