Coolest Metroid Boss

I think Quadraxis is the coolest.

isn’t there already a topic like this? !_!

not that i know of

Look at all the pages in the General metroif Discussion forum. I could’ve sworn…

Yeah, it was something to effect of Coolest/Favorite Metroid Enemy, bosses included.

Well this topic is not locked yet, so I’m pretty sure there isn’t another topic like this or Daz would’ve locked it. So my favourite boss is Meta Ridley. What do you get when you cross a Metroid with Meta Ridley? Meta Roidley! Get it?

wat happens when u cross a Quadraxis with a Omega Pirate. Some sort of phazon Quadraxis thing. thats nuts.

How would meta roidley look like i wonder.

My all time favorite boss is thardous

thardus is one of my fav to.

MP2E=Quadraxis runnerup=Chylia Larva

MP= Ooo…uhh Thardus runnerup=Omega Pirate.

Fusion=Nightmare runnerup=Omega Metroid

MZM=Meta Ridley runnerup=MB

SM=MB(Mother Brain) runnerup= that ghost thingy

wats runner up? and u spelt chylia wrong its chykka

Yeah, and YOU’RE one to complain about spelling, hm? Oy.

Either way, we already do have this topic. I just didn’t lock it because I don’t go to GMD often.