favourite final boss of all time

  • Ganon(dorf)
  • Aroura unit 313
  • Dracula
  • Other
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please specify other :metroid:


other: Haruhi


Jubileus from Bayonetta
or maybe Sanctus from Devil May Cry 4

Off the drugs, Syntax. I haven’t posted here.



And the coolest boss is, obviously, King K. Rool. Come on, you guys. :stuck_out_tongue:

Him and his annoying rolling crown…

god damn crown used to get me every time…

course i was like 3 xD

my mistake

anyway…because he killed you…he’s a cool last boss?

i can’t remember beating Dracula in supercastlvania IV

he takes like 10 hits to take a bar of his health :O_O:

I’m going to eat your toes off while your sleeping! :smiling_imp:

what da heck bro!? :confused:

my bro magic banana is trying to share the laptop with me(and he’s totally random) :whack:

I’ve already warned you once, there is an edit button, use it.

i still say Haruhi

God is an epic boss :slight_smile:

Candy Man…what the fuck are you talking about?

God wears a miniskirt

Wait… Castlevania?

I knew that you were talking about Haruhi in the context of who she is…what didn’t make sense was that you were talking about her in a topic about FINAL BOSSES

unless I’m missing out on a game somewhere?