cool game ideas!!!

got any good game ideas out there?

i have been thinking maybe using the mouse to control magic spell attacks

when you shoot an enemy in the head or something, there can be a stylized cutscene showing ALL the gory detail…(cel shade)

got a couple more, but want to see other posts.

3 ideas off the top of my head

a simple game of metroid where you play as those white police guys from mp2e and it would be a short and simple dog fight game of fighting off those black things and its just to see how far you can get and have a high score table…ya i guess they like jump on you and you have to press a key alot really fast to shake em off or some random key combo to shake em off…of course theres still guns to shoot em b4 they even come close to u

this idea is pretty much galaga just its samus’ ship…and its right before mp pretty much just fighting off space pirate ships…

mp2e 2d from dark samus’ view? like actually have a story on its side thats proving it thinks? like maybe it wondering what its future is?

and heres two that have already been thought about
mph2d (metroid prime hunters 2d)
mp3c (metroid prime 3 corruption)…im aware its not out

Galactic Federation Troopers and Dark Splinters.

I’d say… A 2-D side-scrolling action fighting game, map design and items similar to Metroid, only with less items like missile expansions and more creative ones. It would have an deep story with one huge twist near the end that flips the entire thing around (unfortunately I’m not creative enough to come up with a sample at the moment). By the end of the game, you feel almost omnipotent with all your different abilities, however the final boss is still very powerful for the same reasons–many abilities. The bosses throughout the game are challenging for that reason as well, all very fun to fight. There is backtracking, but most of it makes sense with the story or is not completely random and annoying.

If there’s a game out there like this already, I want it. Now. <_<

If there isn’t, anyone up for the challenge? :stuck_out_tongue:

dude…every played metroid fusion?

well…actually metroid fusion isn’t hard…

but it still kinda fits, lol

the only thing i found sort of hard about fusion is how fast you’re energy drops…but once you get at least the starting of the 2nd row of energy its realy really easy

im taking intagraded tech this year when school starts does that mean i’ll be able to make some of my game ideas come to life?

No. It means you’ll be learning about Computers and technical drawings.

heres an idea. you play as a metroid and kill the space pirates, ridley, mother brain and kraid. that would be good, being able to be a metroid.

ive heard of playing as a space pirate b4, and i think this is an even better idea then that!

i think it would be cool if you could power up your beams like in mega man games
make it charge faster and stuff but put that on a metroid game :smiley:> :smiley:>

rather old topic, but yes, i plan on making upgradable weapons (such as buying upgrades, finding them, and so on)

thats kind of what i said actually i like your idea better than my own