I thought up a control set while playing 3d pinball and metroid prime 2: Echoes (don’t ask)

Aim Up/out of morphball: Numpad 8
Crouch(doubletap for morphball): Numpad 5
Left: Numpad 4
Right: Numpad 6
Jump/boost: w
Shoot/bomb(hold for chargebeam): f
Missile/Powerbomb: s
Lockon/scan/L: Numpad 0
Pause: Numpad .
Map: Numpad 7
Diagonal Aim: a
Combat Visor: f
Scan Visor: c
Thermal Visor:
x-ray Visor: v
Power Beam: Numpad 1
Wave Beam: Numpad 2
Ice Beam: Numpad 3
Plasma Beam: Numpad Enter

I believe this is possible to use by normal humans…but I don’t think I’m a normal human…at least not psychologically. If nobody likes this, I don’t care, just don’t start accusing it of everything. If another control set has already been determined, fine, this is just an idea.

Hey, I got an idea for controls: Customizable, duh :unamused:

sigh try to bemore friendly next time, will ya :unamused:

But yea, controls will be customisable, check the FAQ board.

Ever heard of, “default controls?” That might help…they can still be custimizable.

Hey, I have an idea of my own. Check the topic in which the controls are already posted, and which also points out that they’re customizable! -_-