Continuing prime 2d?

Are you guys going to go from start to finish on prime 2d and also would it be better to have a in folder updater to download directly to the directory and bypass having to just go to the website I know it’s simple but sometimes people can make websites that look familiar sometimes that are hard to tell the difference between the two thank you for reading looking forward to a reply

I’m wondering the same thing…?!

Yes, we do plan to make the rest of Prime 2D going forward. :+1:
It may be a few years before the next demo is ready. An updater link is an intriguing idea; thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately it is unlikely to happen for a few reasons, so for now you can stay tuned here at or through our Twitter @team_scu.


A few years ;( I was hoping fall 21 full release

do you plan on making the game receive updates? so we dont have to always re-download or will the finished project be what we download? :thinking:

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For at least the first part of Prime 2D’s development, the goal is that each demo will be its own unique package with its own memorable identity. I like to think of the latest release as a full indie game in its own right, and hopefully the next one will also feel that way. This concept may change as the game stabilizes down the road.

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