Consoles get the original Crysis

…Which is great, because it’s such a better game than 2.

Unfortunately, the butchered Nanosuit 2 is sticking around, and the toning of the graphics have been… well pretty intense. Does it look bad? Not in most cases, but it’s definitely not Crysis.

Console (from the release vid):

Original (same location, no mods):

The trailer did also mention improved lighting and effects, plus the fact that the game is running means they must have fixed the memory leaks…so…PC patch pl0x?

Also I saw that same screen pairing elsewhere, I wonder if there’s a pattern…

Stole it from Crydev, so I wouldn’t be surprised if others are using it too.

Also, improved lighting my arse. Linear lighting sucks. The sunset beats the stock original one, but other than that the lighting looks like crap.

“make some lights brighter, maybe they wont notice how bad we fucked up”

have they never heard of anti-aliasing?

no, no they havent

It won’t be possible on this game, they are struggling for performance as it is. Crysis never liked AA anyways, jaggies didn’t disappear. :confused:

Crytek had an interview:

Apparently, “optimization” now means “less”.

Less is more!

well that sounds so wrong in so many ways, yet it makes sense(?)

we have optimized our user base, there are now three instead of 3000

Apparently, that was an old build:

Not as good, but MUCH better.

oh good, theyre not as retarded as i thought

linear lighting as opposed to quadratic?

Wait, so what exactly is going on? Crytek released some bad-looking images of the console version, so nerds everywhere nerd raged, but then Crytek j/k’d and it was all good?

Crytek said “Here, have the worst looking game of all time”

And we raged.

Then Crytek said “JK, it only sucks a lot.”

So we said "Meh.

It doesn’t look THAT bad, I mean the original game ran on machines that were mostly the same as the 360 only with more RAM so it just proves that console manufacturers should remove their heads from their asses, remember that RAM is cheap and just put lots into their machines in future >_>.

And since we’ve been playing the game for 4 years now the whole thing wound up being all “and not a single fuck was given that day”

pity my computer still fucks up on the game on so many levels, crytek seems to have a vendetta agains AMD users :frowning:

The physics and particles chew through some CPU.

And yes, IMO it does look that bad. The colors are washed out, the textures are muddy crap, the poly count has been reduced to hell, there is too much bloom, and the vegetation has been cut in half.

…oh, and they replaced Nanosuit 1 with Nanosuit 2, which makes everything less awesome. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s not really a problem, the 360 has basically this, the only issue that was ever really disgussed when talking about Crysis on consoles was the fact that it used ongodly (for the time) ammounts of RAM.

As for the nanosuit 1.0 vs 2.0…no argument from me.