????Confusion about doors????

How do you make the doors in gamemaker? Do you make them solid? Can you make them open like the ones in Super Metroid or Zero Mission? HELP PLEASE!!!

I don’t use GM, but I know how you can make doors with a similar program, and I’m sure a method like it woudl work.

Give the door three animations–closed open and opening. Set it so that when ‘bullet’ touches ‘door’, ‘door’ plays ‘opening’. When ‘opening’ is finished, play ‘open’. Now Samus can walk through it. Then trigger it so that once Samus goes through it plays Opening in reverse, or make another called Closing, then set it to play Closed.

Set so that when Closed is playing, Samus cannot go through the door.


And this doesn’t belong in graphics.

Are you talking about TGF Daz? It sounds alot like it.

you would only need 2 animations, the opening and closing ones
on the doors creation you would set the image speed to zero, when a bullet collides with the door you would set the image speed back to one so it goes through the opening animation, once the opening animation has finished you would get it to destroy the instance of the door

if there isn’t the possibility that more than one door will be visible on the screen at the same time i would recommend getting it to play the closing animation straight off and get it to switch to the opening animation and set the image speed to zero when the closing animation has finished

_> Yes. I just didn’t say so because most people are like OMFGTGFSUXXORZ when you even mention it.

I dont understand why so much people hate TGF. I am using it for my game
and i have to say it is going pretty well.

It’s a lot easier to use than GM, and not THAT much weaker… I don’t get the hatred either.

Could you post a link to the site, or a download or anything!

ya, cuz i’m pretty good with GM, but if TGF or whatever is easier, i’ll use it. so plz post link

Click HERE to go to the Click Team downloads page where you can find
TGF. I also have a tutorial on how to use TGF if you whant it.

ok, thanx. i’d like to have a tutorial as well. thanx again

Send that tutorial my way too. :smiley:
EDIT: I just bought TGF pro!

TGF pro! Even i dont have that! And some advise, if you whant to make
a metroid game can i help? And the other quetsion is that if you whant to
make a long lenghy metroid game with lotz of roket and energy tanks, you will need over 16 global values. Which is why you you should prabibly download the attachment.

I just got it cause I had money to burn…
Could you post a tutorial for TGF please? And Dragon if your posting to me, Sure you can help with a metroid game. :smiley:

What’s so special about TGF Pro?

if u were talkin to me, sure. go to my website, go to the recommended forum, and i’ll make u an admin there. HERE

TGF Pro allows you to sell your games, it takes off splash screens etc.
I don’t know all of the features, but click team does
http://www.clickteam.com :smiley:
EDIT: What’s the atachment?