Companies Doing weird things

Imagine Ohhenry doing Vaccum cleaners…thats weird…think up something like that, just choose a companie(Eg.:Ferrari) and a Complete different thing(Eg.:paper).

:smiley: Give yourself a laugh!! :smiley:

uhm this is random and will be sorta spammy =( still…apple making decent compurers.

lol! ive thought of another one: tropicana making guitars! :smiley:>

I’ve got one: Wilson making computers!


s123i68 making a nonspammy post.


Nestle making rockets.

Sony making toilets.

lol the t the t2, the t3, and the tp
toilet, toilet2, toilet 3, and the toilet portable…the t3 has a montion sensitive wirless flsuhing thingy

Microsoft should make vacuums. That way, they’d finally make a product that didn’t suck.


thats funny…lol…whats a “rimshot”

Um, they do it in comedy acts. It’s a little drum-cymbol thing used to denote a punchline.

There’s porn right next to the videogames in Sam Goody at the mall.

There’s also a sign that says “Please - no food or drink” above a candy machine in the arcade.

The jewelry stores are all next to the cookie store in that same mall.

The great part is that these are true.

disney making kettles

Can you people please add a bit more content to this? Maybe make them more humorously ironic than just random and unexpected? Because most of these are basically just spam :astonished:

Actually, Samsung already makes vaccums!!!

Now thats Hillarious!

Lamborghini producing tractors …

Oh wait … they did, before cars >_>

If you dont belive me, um, click.

Microsoft making beds.

Um … did Daz not just say …

Substance? Microsoft making beds? Wtf, how is that funny?

Microsoft making products that actually dont suck … and Daz all ready covored this with his vacuum’s joke.

Think about it… Microsoft

Lame. But then again, there are some other really lame ones.

Anyhow, Hollister should make nuclear weapons. :slight_smile:

disney Making Nukes