Comments on new Physics

I just tried the new enviroment demo, and wow IMO it looks wonderful. So glad you guys are still hard at work on this. We need another good 2D Metroid :wink: anyways some things I thought on while trieng the demo out.

-The screen is not perfect centered which looks a bit odd when moving

-Samus is static when Idle, although not a big thing it would make her more lively if she breathed

-When running up a slope with more speed Samus’s jump should be boosted a bit or extended. This could make manevouring Samus a bit easier since her jump has been lowered to Prime style’s. I do miss her make huge leaps :smiley:

-I just also remebered the Station looks a bit to clean on the inside unless it’s still bieng worked on atm

Just a few things I noticed, keep up the good work