Check this out my first comic and dont complain about the backgrounds because im keeping them white for now ok.

Edit : Forgot to say my friend helped me on them.


Dude, it needs backgrounds. Admitting you have a problem does not mean it’s not a valid problem.

Speech bubbles go ABOVE ones they come before. The first panel has the pirate saying to drink it before the guy says he has a drink.

And it’s just…not funny. It doesn’t make any sense, and ‘it’s just a dream’ is amazingly overused.

… And dammit, draw speech bubbles with the circle or rounded rectangle tool, don’t do it with the pencil.

Since this is a Metroid forum I assume we only can post Metroid comics
but i got some other ones if i can post.

…thats it for me all i get are insults im tired!!!

I don’t think it’s required to be Metroid related. This is the Graphics area, not the Metroid Graphics board.

Shinobi is correct.

Nothing here is required to be Metroid.

And Zapper, when you post things, you post them to get comments. Don’t drop out every time someone doesn’t like something. We tell you what to improve so you can improve it, not so you can quit.

Exactly. And i got a small question. Have any of you watched the movie
“Killjoy 2”? If so you will get the comic, if not, well it is kinda obvious.

OK listen up every one any sprites used in my comic cannot be ripped and used because it is property of tommy lee and lucas arts.


That was wierd… At least it has a background now! :smiley:

Awesome! 8) How did you get those DS star wars sprites(yes, I own episode III) You Couldn’t rip them since the rom hasn’t come out yet…

Daz gave em to me why?

I ripped them myself, so evidently the rom does exist. :3

Ladies and gentlemen, I think we’ve just found the worst post in the history of P2D! A fucking MASSIVE topic bump, flaming, emoticon spam, nonconstructive criticism, and an overall useless post! And they said they couldn’t get any stupider than they already were… Let’s give him a hand.

The problem isn’t with you saying you didn’t like it - it’s the fact that your post was offensive, didn’t help, using too many emoticons, and overall that you posted to an old topic, which is a big no-no. This is known as “bumping”, and it’s what you shouldn’t do.