Come help TSE!!

Hi guys, im representing TSE gaming developers. We are planing on starting a MMORPG project, and we are looking for talented sprite makers!, if you would like to help eiher email me at or visit our forum at [link removed–NO.] . If you helps us, we will help you in anyway possible get MP 2d finish!! Currenly we need spriters and map makers. sp i would apreciated it if you help :smiley:

…do we have any incentive to come, at all?
“We’re making an MMO” isn’t really helpful.

A partnership might be nice, if you have worthwhile workers. But just asking for help on no ground isn’t going to get you very far.

well, i have make several games with game maker so im fairly experience, you can download 2 of them at the TSE forum, also the MMO RPG is pretty much an online clan RPG, so most of the clan listed in Nintendo WiFi Allience is in it. So there will be cities in the game base on the clan, so there’ll be like a BDC city, a BE city, an such. The project currently need sprite, and map makers. hope thats enought info.