Comcast is bad!

Ok a while ago I got ComCast digital cable tv and internet. It worked fine! Not only was it a couple of seconds faster than DSL, it came with McAfee VirusScan, Privacy Service, and Firewall. We used Privacy Service and VirusScan. But a while ago, they had a networking problem. No problem right? Two weeks without internet. Next week I go on to chat with my favorite buddies and admins right? Nope. Next week our router burns out. They send us a newer NetGear router and everything is better right? Yeah right. Not a day after we get the router we lose internet connection. Why? They forgot to bill us after the router change. And after… alright I’ll stop, you know the next part is going to suck. We cannot seem to connect to the router using our network cable, so we have to settle for a crappy slower usb connection. First, Steam somehow just dosen’t seem to list servers no matter what I do. It was something I was willing to part with after those hours spent trying to fix it. But it dosen’t end. The internet just starts getting slllooowwweeerrr for short periods, then it starts going slower for long periods. They offered to send guys in to check it out twice but… they never got to us because they never came at convenient times. So now, we are stuck paying more than $50 for dial-up speed. We are going to switch to AT&T Yahoo DSL, in which we have past experience with (we use to use SBC Yahoo DSL).
Comcast sucks. DO NOT switch to it.

sux to be you lol but i already new that from one of my friends experence lol

So basically your telling us to give up comcast and switch to a different provider, right? Well, the problem with that is that some of us are stuck up, some of us still live with our parents, and some of us can’t get anything else except dial-up. Ok, then I’ll just switch to quest, right? Wrong. they don’t provide for my area. Nice story, but I don’t think people will switch anytime soon.

Not gonna rant, but Comcast sucks, which I know from past experience, but I’ve also heard that everyone else sucks, so we’re going back to Comcast. I’m also stuck on Yahoo #^ (my uber-clever symbol for dial-up <_<) because of their incompetence.

They supply cable. Any cable company sucks in my opinion.

lmao, very well put, however, i hate all the service providers equally, after all, they all want to screw us.

True… I have AOL High Speed right now, and I’m perfectly fine with it except for the fact that it likes to kick me off the intarweb for no reason once in a while.

Go with a Fractal OCM line… lol!