Combat Arms

Download Combat Arms

So yeah this is Combat Arms which is a quite fun online only FPS and is TOTALLY FREE. there aren’t even guns or anything that you can pay money for like on other games like this.

I think its really fun.

If you want to add me as a friend send me a PM with your screen name.

Is there a torrent for it?


I don’t so much like that company -_-
I’ll give it a shot, if it’s not super big. If it’s gonna take more than twenty minutes to download, I’m gonna have to skip tonight and play some CS instead.

Edit: Yeah… 40 minutes… don’t really want to deal with it at the moment. Sorry, Syntax.

Edit 2: The game does look pretty awesome, though. Looking forward to playing.

Idk…It says 20 mins for me.
I’ll edit once I got it done.

I don’t have the fastest internet at my moms. 768 or something, max download speed I’ve gotten is about 180 kb/s. I have 3 mb at my dad’s house.

well I’m getting like 13 minutes for like 550 kb/s here at my friends house

Anyhoo…It’s a pretty cool game. I’m pretty good…though I wish there was a Barrett M82A1.
I <3 the Barrett M82A1.

Good god, 90% of the people in that game are horrible. Their tracing skills are horrible (meaning… following a moving target with their cursor and actually hitting them), they can’t aim, no one gets head shots… I’ve been getting top score in every game I played.
I also haven’t been able to play a non-ctf game yet.
ign: CloudVaris

Edit: Oh, not to mention, I hate their equipment system. I mean… wtf… once you buy something, you have a limited amount of time to use it, depending on how much you spent. Mind you, if you’re good, it’s not hard to make it back, but still.

That seals the deal. I’m sick of being unable to get into the top 3 in CS D:

lol, what seals the deal? Everyone sucking? XD Tim, if you get top eight or ten in CS, you’ll get at least top two here. At least until you start getting higher rankings.

So I really tried to like it, but then it was really bad.

Horrible balance, horrible equipment system, stinks of counterstrike ripoff, etc. I guess I’d play it if I didn’t have 10 bucks to spend on counterstrike… but I did, so there.

That pretty much sums up my experience, yes.
It annoyed me that I could actually hold down the trigger and get kills from across the map <_<
So in short: If I’m sick of getting pwned up the anus in CS, I’ll come play this.


Downloaded it in seven minutes. You have crappy internet connections my friends.

Eh, we can’t afford a 3 meg connection, which is the next step up, so I’m content with 700some. It’s not exactly slow.

I have 24Mbit and that’s pretty slow. In Sweden anyway.
I can’t get 100Mbit fiber where I live right now, but I’m planning to buy a house that has fiber. And then I will get 10Mbit upload and 100Mbit download speed.

Is it really that expensive with 3Mbit where you live?

Well… If he lives in america, then yes.
We have the really bad internet service here.
Which is sad…but true.

That really sucks.
I pay $196 or ?138 for 12 months 24Mbit ADSL.
And I most of the time download things in 1.3MB/s. If the servers have fast enough connection that is.

I think the US is like 12th in the world of internet speeds…
Not surprisingly, Japan is #1, with like 6x our speed. :O_O:

South Korea is number one.
They have 100Mbit fiber everywhere. Just to be better than Japan. They hate Japan. And not without reason.

And what a waste. They could download all the internet together but instead they play Starcraft, Counterstrike and World of Warcraft all day long.