I riped this right off of pixelation, but I figured that since it isn’t a major work, I could.
Claim tiles from this Image:

* 1. Each person may make one tile, or set of connected, similarly-colored tiles at a time. For example, you could reserve a single tile, like 75, or you could reserve a block of tiles like {75-76-77}. Keep in mind that blocks of tiles must be touching along a side and of the same color. Also, if you do not want to do the entirety of a large block, but want to put tiles in that area, that’s fine too. The block rule is completely optional.
* 2. Ideally, new tiles should connect to pre-existing tiles, but this rule can be stretched if deemed appropriate.
* 3. The black borders are first come first served. If you are have started working post it in the thread. So people with tiles next to that would have to wait until who said they are working on theirs first is done (unless there are massive time delays, then I will say what to do).
* 4. Please announce what tiles you are planning to do. I will attempt to keep this post updated with the newest version, and mark spaces that are currently in progress.
* 5. This is the palette to use. So we will have 16 colors plus transparency.
* 6. Don’t be afraid to break the iso grid. The last one broke the grid very nicely.
* 7. at the borders of the template (where it’s grey) it is possible to draw into that space (within reason).
* 8. Be creative, and overall, have fun!

I’ve got 75, 76, 77.

Also, I’ll take the 74-78 block.

I’ll take number one.

I’ll take 22, 23, and 24, although I don’t know the reason for it.

You are making something in that area using the specified pallet.
We combine them all together into a super image. :smiley:

Is that one of Arne’s palettes?

Whoever made the pallet in THIS Topic.

Yep. Arne’s generic palette.
This is version 20.

43 is mine now, since I finished my other. :smiley:

Also, Don’t post this entire thing when you make one, just your sections, and maybe a little bit of the surrounding ones, if they have been done already. I will assemble the image and post it every now and again.

Eh…Count me out then. I’m a wimp about showing people my stuff, thus the reason I don’t have anything up on P2D, as you may be able to notice.

Aw, common.
Even if by an odd chance you do suck that much, we’ll help you out.

Yes. We need you.

In this case it’s this forum :stuck_out_tongue:
I’d like to have a go
But I’ll need to find some time ><

Yeah, sure. Which ones you want?

Well, for now, count me out. If I find the time, I’ll come up with something, and then I’ll put it where I see fit.

Yah know, It’s not much of a collaboration if I’m the only one working on it.

i will take 9, 10, 11

nvm i cant do that…

omg its so annoying when my vision keeps switching its perspective automatically…

i’ll take 57 31 32

J’ai fini!

Beware the dragon’s cave!

note i didn’t include yours because it was in jpg.

Yeah. :smiley:
I also have completed #8, its icy mountian, but atm can’t upload cuz of dead processor.