How do I get codes to work in visualboy advance?

ok well u should read more about vba but what king of codes???

wtf is visualboy? :confused:

hahahahaha u dont know whats its an emulator

it is also a very shitty console by nintendo. (not the gba)

No, that was Virtual Boy. And this belongs in Games.

virtua boy isn’t bad

Yes it is. The sound is horrible, the fullscreen image is horrible, and it’s very laggy

It’s also off topic. cough

first off, i have no idea how to get codes off of it. second of all, they are talking about Visual Boy Advance. it lets u play GB, GBC, and GBA games and rip sprites and sounds and stuff.

edit: and i kno u realised that by now but still, i wanted to make things clear.

the only thing that isn’t clear to me is whether he’s using codes and codes don’t work because they suck or whether he doesn’t know how to input codes into vba