CnC3--> BFV mod?

Would you like to see CnC3 in a FPS mob for BF: Vietnam

  • Yes.
  • Meh.
  • No.
  • What is Tiberium Wars?
  • What is BF: Vietnam?
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A month ago I had this crazy idea to make a CnC3 mod for BF 1942. After some thought and talking to friends, I’ve believe the BF: Vietnam is the more ideal engine for this mod.

Take this all with the thought that I may or may not make this mod.

Thing that BFV has the BF1942 doesn’t:

-‘heat seeking’ missile guidance (for air & ground targets)
-helicopter winches that let you lift vehicles and stuff and airdrop em (can you say ‘Ox Transort’?)
-buildings are used for spawning vehicles, if the building is destroyed, vehicles stop spawning
-much better helicopter control and AI
-napalm ftw
-much better level builder
-nicer graphics engine
-suicide Moped for great justice

Features: so far to speak of
GDI & NOD, sorry folks but I just can’t do Scryn stuff (liek Tripods, Warps, Mother Ships etc.)
Mammoths are a must. Avatars might have to be on tracks.
Super Weapons = Very Yes, but they will be fixed to only strike the other enemy’s base. Although I’m not sure how I’m gonna do the Ion Cannon.

So, what are your thought?

LOL timeline. I was e-mailing this stuff to my cousin and I figured I’d post 'em here too.