CM75's Sprites

Yay, my fist sprite-ish thing ever.

And a missile expansion

not really a sprite, but…its good…

My spriting capabilities are limited cuz I only have Pixen.

get paint, or PS elements. those are the best spritin tools.

I have a mac… :imp:

so do i…but still i can sprite proper…use photoshop, but if you cant afford it get elements…

Oops, it should say CM75, not MC75.

And thanks Bosk for the tips.

No. Photoshop is a terrible spriting tool. And as for your sprites, the handgun is shaded really weird. Gradients don’t belong on sprites.

well, daz…it the only tool us mac users hav right know…and its pretty great…maby you never used it…but i’m not goin to make this a flammin war…but its the only tool we have right now.

Here’s Link:
Sorry it’s sooo small, Imageshack isn’t working for me right now.

it looks like nes link, am i right?

Yes, an exact replica from a T-shirt I have. Well, may not be exact, but I tried… I added a little magic on the sword.

It doesn’t look like anything was done to it at all… save for the glow, anyway…

Yes, but I did NOT copy it from an already existing pic. I made it myself. If you look close enough, you can see the sword is longer and some of it is a couple pixels off.


Ya I doubt that is visible though, cuz it is soooooo small. But if you reallllllllly want proof, copy it into a word document, click on the image, grab the corner and enlarge it, then compare.

My first Custom Samus from scratch.


Wait a minute… I’ve moved into a new era! My new sprites that aren’t pieced together pixel by pixel like my old, crappy ones:

These are recolours with minor edits.

CM75 back with more!
Two sprites from a comic I’m making called Chibbi School featuring all your favourite video game characters!


And Whacka from Paper Mario

And a cool re-colour/edit I did!

EDIT: A dagger

A sword

DOUBLE EDIT: I haven’t got any feadback since Jan. 22…

man, that edit is awesome. Even if it DOES look like one of those claws from super metroid got cut in half and glued on the pads with super glue. Hence explaining the white color :wink:

Can you show me a pic of what you mean by claw cuz I did the pads from scratch.

I was just joking :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s those little crazy claws between brinstar and norfair, close to the tube that you crack with a power bomb to get into Meridia. They’re in the room bellow the spazer. (Wow, I remembered exactly where they were? I haven’t played the game in more then a year!)They’re also other places (between Norfair and Criteria(however you spell it)).

sorry, I can’t find any pics of them anywhere.