Chozoen one's sprites!…met_sprites.jpg

There we are. Single poses of Ridley, a troid, and a… flying lizard. And then three angles of Samus.

I was going to make some whole sheets to show you, but I figured I should get opinions before I go to the trouble. Keep in mind that these are ment to be kind of simple.

So how are they?

Pretty good for a beginning spriter.

Of course, I’m a beginning spriter myself, so anything I could tell you would probably be useless >_<

Edit: Just really, truly noticed the Metroid - that one’s awesome.


I love the Metroid. It look’s awesome.

GJ u just need to work on the shades…

Thanks everyone! I’ll try not to screw up the metroid when I animate it. I’ll also work on shading.