chozo or luminoth

chozo or luminoth

  • chozo
  • luminoth
  • both
  • none
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i cant decide, to be honest. luminoth look better though, especially the dark luminoth (removed)

There was no dark luminoth. That was just an early concept for U-mos that later they decided looked too evil… or so I heard, anyway. ANd it makes sense. Because that thing’s colors weren’t in line with other darklings.

I picked chozo… the luminoth were only in 1 game and chozo were in almost all the games, giving us time to get to know a little about the chozo, whereas you hardly know anything about the luminoth.

that was u-mos? damn the large unnoficial fansite! damn them.
dark luminoth would be cool, though. :imp:

dark luminoth is inposible don’t you read lore the luminoth comit suicide before the Ing could posses them.

yeah coz i was tryin 2 complete without save stations, and quickly. that fat quadraxis killed me though.

There alot of concept thing that people mistake, I look at the entire MP2:E gallery and didn’t see a dark Luminoth no where. and I like both Chozo and the Lunimoths since they made the annihilator beam and the Ligth and Dark suit to connect to a chozo design suit like samus arans suit.

The Chozo have better technology. They created the Power Suit, Plasma Beam, and Metroids!

And they created the Globe Hopper(torizos) and along with Metroids.

And Mother Brain.

The Lunimoths only created an energy controller and alot of machine and weapon not much if you ask me. And another thing that Chozo created that the GF and SP couldn’t made is the morph ball. The chozo perfected the morph ball. the only fusion technology between the Lunimoths and Chozo is the Light suit mabye the Dark suit.

Than the Space Pirates tried to mimic the Morph Ball and things got messy…

well, i like both the same but the luminoth look cooler. the chozo have best technology.

Luminoth definetly look cooler.