chozo ghost glitch

in flaghras home i was getting the artifact again and i was counting off the ghosts and i got to 2 of them and then i saw the final chozo ghost just sitting their like it would normally do after it attacked or somthing. but it was sitting in midair stuck in some roots on the wall. i shot it a little and it didnt die but just sat their and did nothing then everything became light and the artifact appeared but the ghost was still sitting their. :confused:

hahaha that sounds awesome

yeh its awesome but i think its freaky. its like its stalking me . . .

Never seen that glich before is it in any of the other files if you were to start again or do you think its a entire game glich.

im not really sure. it just happened. its one of those accidental glitches that u do but dont no how it happened. i dont think it was anything i did, i think the game just screwed up or somthing.

could it just be that their are scratches on the mini disc itself.

posssibly if thats not the case i would advise that if you get anoyed with this glitch just run from them.

Off topic: A similar thing happend to me on Super Metroid
when I was fighting Ridley for the first time. I kept close to him,
and wouldnt stop blasting him, he went for me and backed up into the
wall. In fact he backed up too much and got sutck in the wall. :sweat:
He couldnt mov, so I sat there shooting at him, it would do damage but he could never die! And I could never move on in the game because he couldnt fly away.

that must of sucked…
ive never played sm by the way

I had a similar glitch yet it was me staying close to ridley yet he did’t move or even try to attack me he was still flying yet he didn’t move from the same spot at all.

What ?? you mean there are actually bugs in Metroid prime ?? I never saw one :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:

Er, there’s tons. >_> Most SB/all SW tricks, for one thing…

what’s SB and SW?

Sequence break/secret world.

There are bugs in Fusion too. If you put in codes to have ONLY the ice beam.
It doesnt even have a freezing effect. You have to have all beams including ice for it to work. what kind of S*** is that? :stuck_out_tongue:

What the hell? Never heard of that before! Crazy stuff.

me ethier that is crazy stuff maybe it is just that Disc or Cartridge that has the bugs in it because my fusion doesn’t do that.

… He did it with a cheat device. Of course yours doesn’t do that.

well i would think that there would be no bugs in my so thats good