Choose your favorite colors!

what colors should the outbreak main powersuite be?

  • red
  • blue
  • green
  • orange
  • yellow
  • purple
  • grey
  • black
  • pink
  • white
  • brown
  • camouflage!
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what color powersuit should be the main game powersuit for outbreak? choose your color, and if you like, put a cool combination as a post, and maybe it will get used!

also, those 2 that get the most votes will be posted on here, and each powersuit will be unique in its own ways besides colors.

sorry for late add on graphics, this is the original, i will be adding the others soon enough though, thanks for reminding me daz!

i think it should be orange like the traditional power suit.

I’m not exactly sure what outbreak’s all about, but I think any combination between Orange and black / green and black works. Maybe even keep the red helmet but have a strange deal where you can use more colors. bah… what am i saying?

er. my sprites of the powersuit aren’t the same as samus’s powersuit, its an inferior model to the powersuit really. though the sprites just changed, the basic one you start out with (the weathered looking one) is just about the same, with newer models differing slightly. er…you guys did actually take the time to look at the sprite for outbreak before trying to make your mind up about what would look cool with it…didn’t you guys? :confused: so eh, was the sprite so suckin that nobody said anything about it or what? :neutral_face: , oh well.

er… sorry. ill try to find it. sorry! blushes

i really dont know where the power suit sprite is. you could post a link to it >_>

:confused: in the graphics section…labeled “outbreak bonus character” it has improved in detail a lot since then, but you get the general idea from it.

If you won’t even put forth the miniscule effort to post it here and save us the trouble, why should we care enough to find it? You clearly don’t have any motivation for the project if you’re that lazy.

Oh, that one. I saw that one, I didn’t think that was samus…

  1. its not samus, nor a mech, it is an inferior powersuit, dont worry, it relates to the storyline. though i will not share that until i release the demo.
  2. the suit is constantly making minor changes, and i simply left it there thinking that you guys actually saw it rather than taking a guess, anyway, here was the first version (its weathered on purpose, for a prologue action scene) though it has been detailed and slightly different design and shading, it is largely similar to some of the other models.

and dazzy, i respect you and all, but that is kinda a quick judgement to make on someone, i admit though it would have helped for those who didn’t view the original outbreak graphic post. my bad, but i really am working a lot on this game, i am just a single person here, lol.

oooh that one!

i really like the color setup you had in the first place then ;p

yeah, but there will be different versions of suits, kinda like there is a varia for metroid, only these suites are different colors and have different designs, im nearly done with what will be the second-to-last suit in the game.

I actually think you can leave it be, and then maybe polish it up if it gets upgraded… and maybe change the colors so its brighter and the gun can go green.

yeah, as i said, this is a weathered version, you only play as it for a single mission so that you can learn controls and not only introduce a small background, but also so that you can get those players interested that like action far more than depth storywise. yeah, it will be polished up a little when you get to the third mission, and after you get the upgrades, it is polished very well (think samus there), though the suites will become damaged due to certain choices (for instance, if you take the underground tunnel in the first mission, a giant worm comes out to get you, damaging your sholder armor and making it jagged. also during the first mission you start off hiding by using a camaflouge cape…sadly, your camaflouge is destroyed before you even control the character, lol. also, the weapon isn’t used for firing until mission 2, its odd, but you will get it, there is a cannon that rotates and is connected to your shoulder, so you have precise aiming (though i set the aiming off in the first mission a little bit because you are damaged) and the gun is only used depending on when i think is should be used…

a) control with keys for people who must really suck with the mouse (dont think i will do this)

b) when you exit the powersuite, you keep that gun and dont have the cannon for a short amoung of time (since you have to get a new powersuit, think of it like zero mission samus, its not permanent)

AWESOME! So, there is a level of battle damage involved?

sorry, but i you mean that when you get hit, you change, no, the damage changes on the suite are story-based, though you can change the way the storyline moves (instead of getting damaged you could have gone above the tunnel), it is kinda restricted to that :frowning: sorry there man, my bad for getting your hoped up and crashing them down with a giant hammer…(giant hammer gun…hm…thinks to self) lol

no, no, I understood. I said A LEVEL of battledamage. I knew what you meant. That’s still very awesome!

yeah, but also just a note, this is the only one of the series that will be done on gamemaker, the other 2 after it will be done on visual basic…

What is Visual Basic?

I never said it was true, I said htat’s the impression we get when you won’t even repost it. :stuck_out_tongue: