Chagi's sprite requests!

I kinda need the hyper beam sprites from Super Metroid for you know like… stuff.

Anyone got anything?

i would get an emu on it…but… i dont want to play all the way until hyper beam…sorry :frowning: .

I’ve got a save state of it. I’ll rip ya some later if the request hasn’t been filled by then.

OK, thanks!

Mabye you should have put this in your own thread, or PMed someone. But if you plan on using this thread further, then by all means continue.

Na… My own tread is about my sprites, and I don’t know if someone got any sprites of the hyper beam.


Please, I nead 'em so bad right now


Pleeeaaaaaaaaase! Pleeeaaaaaaase!

I need the sprites!

Mabye you should try pixeltendo for this kindof request.

double and triple posts are allowed as long as its been 3 days or it is an update.

deletes post in embarresment

What’s Pixeltendo?

TEH 1337 Forum practically run by Dazzy himself.

Pixeltendo biach