CE3 running on a PS3 at games com

so yeah, this is a tech demo of the Cry Engine 3 running on a PS3 at games com in Germany, it looks amazing, presumably the 360 version will look just as good since the GPU is better, but here’s a link, and obviously the PC version will trump all, but for a console, this is pretty impressive, trust crytech to be the ones who would do it.

Eh, I’m not impressed. The shadow edit: make that ALL LODs look like crap. It also looks like $#!% compared to CE2 on PC.

And yes, the 360 one will look almost the same, just not in physics. You can tell that this uses Nvidia physx (Cloth, particles, etc) which is Nvidia only, obviously. Now most physics will be on 360 yes, but not the little things.

except it can’t be using nvidia physx because Nvidia didn’t own ageia when the PS3 was first made, meaning that th PS3’s GPU doesn’t have the capabilities of doing that. The only console capable of using nvidia physx is the Wii because it has an old agiea card.

Wrong. Nvidia didn’t own them in the 8xxx either, or early 9xxx, it’s not a dedicated thing, it’s driver-based. Mirrors edge also uses Physx on PS3.

And even if it doesn’t, this is one of the rare times where the PS3’s CPU might have an effect, although it’s still bottlenecked (1 core checks the work of the other cores for accuracy… WTF?)

because you can really notice it in mirrors edge >_> /sarcasm. Besides, who cares? regardless of minor details that nvidia can bring, there were games running on the gamecube with good cloth physics (prince of persia anyone?)

and lets not forget that there will likely be no games on PS3 or X360 that will ever look as good as crysis 2 will on their respective versions, regardless of special claims by people like EPIC and Geurilla.

On a side note, I still believe that art trumps everything, as proven by this.

Firstly: Those cloth effects were pre-baked, and Crytek specifically said ‘real-time’.

Secondly: Enough console CE3, lets see some freaking PC stuff already!

Thirdly: Yes, art FTW! That’s why I like The Wind Waker so much (Random fact: SM: Sunshine was cell-shaded).

Why does it say “AEGIA PHYS-X” or something like that when I boot Bourne Conspiracy on the X360?

Liks just served…somebody. I didn’t care enough to read all of the details on either side.

Anyway, yeah, graphics look awesome. Yay and stuff.

Topic related subjects aside, I’m finally back from my camping/fishing trip thing. Caught a couple of bass, and that was about it. Lots of mosquitos, for some reason. Oh, and I’ve decided that Christian Bale is god. Everyone should pray to Batman. (I watched The Dark Knight, like, 10 times, btw, primarily because it was the only fucking DVD we brought with us. XD)

I dunno, but the 360 is running a ATI GPU, which only does Havoc (which is showing its age, imo). Physx is limited to specific cards made by aegia (which NOBODY has due to fail) and Nvidia DX10 GPUs. And my guess is that that is for the PC or PS3 version, and they just didn’t remove that logo.


I don’t like this comparison because they slow down the video and it makes it look like crap, but it shows all the extra physics that get done. The 360 will get most of the physics yes, but not the little things, which is what Crytek is all about.

Edit: Aha! The 360 DOES support Physx. Now the question of why ME didn’t use it— and how it supports it. Wii supports it too… that’s worth a lolwut. (and no syntax man, the wii has an ATI GPU, just look at the sticker on the side. >_>)

Because ME was devloped by DICE, who’ve always been putting “best on Nvidia” on PC versions, so wouldn’t they make Physx exclusive to the PS3 and nvidia PCs?

hang on a sec, are you sure that the PS3 version has physx? those areas with cloth on the physx on part of the video the cloth wasn’t there on the PS3 footage I’ve seen on GT.

No, but I just found the SDK for Physx on PC, Linux, PS3, 360, Wii. I dunno though, I’m confused now…

presumably because AEGIA supported all three when they were independant and Nvidia doesn’t want to piss off ninty or M$, i wouldn’t want to piss off M$ if my graphics cards needed their OS to be used properly either.

Just in: PS3/360 are getting ‘CE3’ next year (it’s more like 2.5, really) and PC is getting CE3 (true beast) in 2012/13.

and crytech isn’t working on crysis 2, trytech UK (see: Free Radical) is making crysis 2.


Lol wut? Ima call bull on that. Why is it that Crytek demos it then? :stuck_out_tongue:

…the fuck? Really?

How did I not see that…

how did you not see that? O.o

I remember some cel shaded people in that game. I just played it once and I didn’t like it. :frowning:

That demo was another game, one that is no longer in devlopment so that crytech can put 100% into the creation of CE3, while crytech UK makes crysis 2 for EA

Edit: here’s a teaser for crysis 2

And even that mentions nothing of any group other than Crytek. And technically doesn’t mention Crysis 2 either. :stuck_out_tongue:

And stop misspelling CRYTEK!