Car wreak

I was asleep at 11:00 pm then the next thing I knew, was bam I was throwend from my bed and I woke up and I look around and there where bricks and glass everywhere in my room. My room is a reck and I’m glad i not hurt from that. It turn out that a 16 year old went to sleep or something else and lost control of her car and bam into my room. I need some support from every one on this forum please, I’m still sock from it and upset.

Did the girl get hurt?

You’ll get over it, if your priority is still sympathy from a bunch of people you don’t know. Just wait a week or so, and you’ll be better, and then wait a month or so, and you’ll forget the whole thing.

The girl had a broken jaw and a few cuts, I hope I can get over it soon. And my Nintendo DS was on the dresser that got hit, it survive the impact and still works as for my other stuff I do not know.

Wow, and I thought nothing could be freakier in the morning than the one time I accidentally left my CD player’s volume at full with a loud song that starts with a bang for the alarm. That left me shaking for a while. I can’t imagine what a car slamming into my room would sound like… I sleep on the second floor though.

I’m sure you’ll get over it eventually, especially if your DS survived (…<_<).

I hope since I do have my NDS and GC, along with the Prime 1 and 2.

If your main concern is some silly handheld after someone rammed her car into your room…right.

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Hehe…pretty smilie.

…And to be alive still.

you…do know it is not spelled wreak…right?

Wreck. But that’s beside the point.

I almost was hit by a U-Haul. I freakin jumped to avoid that damned thing!

yeah ive had a car crash into my garage some drunk 24 year old he broke 2 large garage doors he no get fine. me get him back hehehehehe… i broke his windows

That truck didn’t even stop. He parked on my block so I slashed his tires. That must’ve been very tramatic…

yeah im sure that was really crazy. im sure if you get a lot of sleep and rest and whatnot you will be fine. car crashes are traumatic. i was in a car crash when i was 8. i was in north carolina, being drived to school by my mom. it was REALLY foggy and the street was wet. my mom was going pretty fast, and out of the fog in front of her popped out a stop sign. she slammed the breaks, we slid into an intersection, a car T-Boned us and i was on the driver side. the door caved in, and i was knocked out instantly. and i woke up in an ambulance. :[ it was wierd. imagine, your riding along, and suddenly your head hurts, and your looking at the ceiling of the back of an ambulence, with lots of people looking at you. :O_O: and i couldnt remember my name. :[

Ouch thats harsh. I have a cousin…um we were playing Yu-Gi-Oh(Really man it got old when I was 14!) somehow we heard a loud crash to his yard. Some weirdo drunk guy crashed to his mail post!!! We all like…“OH CRAP DUDE HE DITCHED YOUR THINGING MIGJIER!” We all laughed but called his parents to get over to the yard.

Man that was the weirdest thing I ever saw and it was at 1:38 p.m.

I hope you get your room fixed again!

Thanks, my old room will get fix sometime and my new room is upstairs now, but the only thing that we are waiting for is the insuarance guy to check the estimated price, somewhere in 12,000 to 30,000 dollers in damage.

are you getting a payment from the guy? i hope so,… that sort of thing doesnt deserve to go unnoted.

Since I’m so young I don’t know whether this is true, but you must sue them before getting payment right?

Right I want to sue but my parents whant listen to me and the same girl flip here car 3 times and they took away her drivers licence. And my stuff that was broken is about $230.25 that I may get from the Insuarance guy.

hmm well as long as you get some insurance money. because that would be expensive to fix on your own. and unfiar.

I think I may use that money to get the Wii and metroid prime 3. And good news rebuilding will start some time next month I’m gald.