Candy Lane

since everyone else has one of these, i might as well, too xD

big troid is custom
smaller is a recolor
smallest is custom, and rather cruddy xD
egg is custom
smaller shell is custom, bigger one is a rip i used for reference/colors

Metroid Queen by Rundas45 and myself

myself, by myself

“bloat-bomb” by me, made for Metroid Shadows

The 03

You look like you’re leaning forward >.>

head is down xD

damn me to hell if this wasnt annoying to do xD
downed pirate
zero mission style with the Rundas recolor
for Evolution =D

Give that pirate a rose in its teeth, put it on a bed, and it’ll be ready to seduce you.

First thing I thought when I saw it. It looks good, though. Really!

or take off the back arm and have it look up

“beautiful arent they? stars…”

10 points to whoever knows what thats from

Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy?

anyone else?

Men in Black

Step Brothers …runs

fail xD

we have a winner!

That’s right.

I win.

Cause I’m awesome.

Actually my dad got it on Blu-Ray, so we watched it a couple weeks ago.

But still.

good movie =D

Yeah. I kinda want to see it again. The second one sucked about 20% more than the first, but it was still okay.





Her eye looks like all of the blood vessels in it popped simultaneously.

Lighten up on the super strained eye, CMC. It looks odd to me.

Other than that, it looks very good.

the base and top look like shit, but everyone seems to dislike the eye, but i love it xD