OK, so me and my friends made something up called Canaustrermany. This is a combonation of : Canada, Australia, and Germany, these three powers come together and TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!! And thats the basics, and the details are below:

This combonation is perfect since: 1. Germany has major experiance 2. No one in the world would ever suspect the peace-loving Canada 3. Australia is the country that everybody knows nothing about, but they know its there, so they just come out of nowhere.

A website is coming soon and there are someflags and symbols I made!

this is another one


Ok, so thats it for now, stay tuned for more information and a website is coming soon!!! :slight_smile:

…What’s the point?

for fun, i guess. Good idea!

Take over the world? Well, maybe the world minus the US, UK, and Israel. But no, the US could easily defeat Canada, Australia, and Germany.

the point… ummmm. well there is none. Just fun, ya just for fun, like chozo dude said

i also realized the point that those countries wouldnt be able to take over the world, so maybe some other countries can come along or somethin… (or the US can just be nuetral, but that most likley wont happen, unless they want to be late for this war again, wich might be good)

Probably minus china and Japan as well. But yeah, the point is, those 3 countries dont really have what it takes.

Lol Germany with the “experience”. Nice work, but I’m betting my money on the world

i said other counrtrys would help!

Germany’s only experience is in getting their ass kicked by America…twice.

OK! OK! what ever, this time Germany knows whats they’re doin, and they dont have some idiot leader. Plus theres the element of suprise, and ya…

plus another update: the Canaustrermany language is english + australian word + “eh” at the end of every sentence + german accent. it actually works if you get it right!

Well, no. Without our Russian cannon-fodder (and British Allies), the German and American armed forces were more or less equal in the two world wars.

America had superior individual arms (Garand, BAR) while Germany had the better machine guns (MG42, MG34). However, the Germans lacked a heavy machine gun (Like the MaDuece .50BMG).

German personal anti-armor devices (Panzerfaust series) were lightyears ahead of the American ones (Bazooka).

German armor itself, was far superior to American Shermans. The King Tiger tank employed an 88mm gun (as in, the same gun used for artillery) and could destroy a modern Abrams tank in a direct hit to the thickest part of the armor. Obviously, there were tens of thousands of Shermans against a few thousand Panzers, giving Americans the final victory.

Conventional American planes were better than German planes, while the German jets were far better than our conventional planes.

German training in the early years of the war was excellent, up to par with any American training, and Germany had some excellent generals that, when the Fuhrer didn’t meddle with them, could match Americans.

Honestly, us Americans got our butts handed to us a lot in the earlier years of the war.

Well- nice rant, me.

yup. plus germany is has smart scientists (or atleast had) they made the first jets, and rockets, and lots of other modern inventions

also, germany took on the world and almost won, and they didnt lose becuase the US is great, but becuase it ended up being most of europe and north america vs Germany. And russia has like a million soilders…

Not quite. Germany could have solidly defeated either Britain (for lack of quantity of men), Russia (for lack of tactics and training). America WAS the only nation up to speed with Germany in World War Two.


Russia had twenty million soldiers, all the enlisted poorly trained.

Germany had about twelve million, about four million of which were poorly trained conscripts (employed near the end of the war).

America had about six million soldiers, all well trained.

I honestly don’t know how many men Britain had under arms, but I’d estimate about 1.25 - 1.5 million, all of which would be well trained.

If Germany had tried to take over Russia alone, and, assuming they actually had winter clothing, they could have completely subdued Russia. Same goes for Britain, minus the clothes.

lol, just let the guy make his errr super country of … impossible-ness?

Lol. Or not. Better to help stop the spread of ignorance (I’m ignorant, so I found MS’s piece very interesting.

@Metroidslayer: You definetly seem to know your history very well. Or at least WW2.

i agree, just stop denying the country of greatness (and beer!) and bow down too the almighty Canaustrermany!!! :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

but most likley everybody will just forget about it in a couple days. I had my fun!

i resent that! :angry: Only quebec does that and it is a slang term usually used after a question.also reverse the r in the middle of canaustremany so it says canaustermany.I find it flows better.

ok, sure
no, quebec people hace a wierd french accent and they’re only going “la” and “uuuuhhh” between every two words. Isn’t it the maritimes people who go “eh”