can you guys help me learn to sprite?

i was wondering if you guys could help me become better at spriting (i have seen marvelous things done on these forums)

i was thinking someone could start me off by naming something to sprite (please start easy) and after criticism, i could repeat the process with you guys and (hopefully) become better.

thanks for the support! :smiley:

…self reminder, if you come back and there are 5 views, all are your own, dipshit.

You could try something from Disney. Not much details and few colors. Eyore, Piglet or Pooh?

sure …bit odd…but hell, ill start on it…


I just thought that it would be easier to make something that does’nt have tons of details and a million colors. All you have to worry about is the antialiasing of the outlines.

…i think im going with coyote…sorry…a fav…

really good tuts.

i gotthe link over at scu. just click on the dragon, then the “tutorials” button, then click one of the “ninjas” and ur rdy to go :slight_smile:

truely a good tut resource, IMO. see for urself y i think so :slight_smile:

BTW, it’s best to learn to shade properly early. That way, you dont have to go back and learn (like me).

thanks hairy and red! :smiley:

yw… hope those tuts help :slight_smile: