Can you find the hidden message in this post?

Can you find the hidden message in this post?

Look closely.

I’m sorry to say I can’t.

Found it.

:huh: Is that the actual answer?

So am I right in assuming that you think that the words “hidden message” is the hidden message I am talking about?

…my sig’s broken.

Does your sig have something to do with the hidden message?

I think his sig being broken is the hidden message.

No, it’s just that I just noticed that my sig is broken. I removed it.

The hidden message is nonexistant. Unless you like to come up with stupid patterns which are totally senseless and call them messages. Damn conspiracy theorists.

I agree with Aura, the answer is “the hidden message”.

I agree.

It cant be that simple.....It probably is but it cant be! :smiley:

This dude’s got it.

Because there is a message in the post. Not a message as in the actual definition of the word message, but a message as in the word “message”. The word “message” isn’t some message, it’s just the word “message”.

In a similar fashion, the first post has a “hidden message”. Not an actual message that is hidden, but the words “hidden message”, therefore you shouldn’t actually be looking for anything hidden, because there isn’t some “hidden” message, it’s just the damn words “hidden message” there.

“Hidden message” is hidden… :naughty:

“Hidden message” is only half-“hidden”, you twit. See, “message” is NOT “hidden.” “Message” is “message.”

Like I said, he’s got it. Now to prevent this thread from dying, someone post another riddle or something.

What eight letter word has kst in the middle in the begining and at the end?

No clue. But then again i didn’t think too hard on it.

:confused: There’s a word that starts with “kst?”

What the hell. Kstkstkst is 9 letters, and not a word. What the hell are you thinking? Unless… No, thats not right either. You bring my brain pain. However, I have a riddle noone here can easily solve: I am you one day, and someone else the next. Sometimes I’m not anything at all, and sometimes I’m innumerable things. I can be alive or dead, and yet, my heart never beats, nor do my lungs ever a breath draw. I am NEVER me, though someone else could be me, for a little while. I cause fear in some, hatred in some, and laughter in others. The only thing I can’t be is truly dead, though I am physically VERY fragile. What am I? If you PM me, I’ll tell you, but you can’t post the answer afterwards. Cause thats not fair.