Can I Help?

I like what you guys are doing with this project and I was wondering if I could help in anyway in the programming of this game. I have experience with Game Maker 6.0 (reg) and I just resently got the 6.1 registered. I don’t know if I would considered at the Expect level in GM but I know GML pretty thoroughly. I am familiar with platformer techniques that compose games like these. I’d say I’m pretty strong in the graphics area. (draw code) Please ask me anything you need to know.

At, there is a sprite list. If you like spriting, just go ahead and get started. if it’s something else, I don’t know who to ask. Maybe Daz.

Yea, I know about the sprit’n and I may try some stuff for that but I’m mainly interested in the programing of the game. Thanks though

I don’t know if that’s taken already, I think it is.

We have a programmer but he’s a lazy, self-righteous asshole who’s working rather slowly. If you’re good enough, perhaps you could assist…

I’d be glad to help if I can. Tell me what to do. Question…is there only one programmer?

As he has very high standards he has yet to accept any assistants, so for the time being, yes.

Can’t the team overall decide who they chose for programming?