**Build demo topic**

Download the latest version 3.0 beta 4 here: http://www.samus.co.uk/mp2d/mp2d_30_beta_4.zip

Older vesions can be downloaded from the website

Keys are customisable from v1.04
press enter to go to the pause screen and press left.

Post comments, glitches, bugs, advice,… here. I can always use some help.

Very nice, better than what I thought it would be. I didn’t see any glitches yet.

are you really gonna use that music? its sucks! (no offence creater)

that demo is mint! (excellent for non english ppl)
the only glitch i found is if you run into a door you get stuck for a second but then it goes okay.

i wish i could get my game as good as that

See my 3 suggestion’s for length at SCU. Thats my only complaint.

Well not really…


The BG we made there would fit better in the second room. The first is already layed out, 100% accurate. :wink:

What’s with the glowing orange panels in the background?

…they are part of the BG. >_>

What bg? link plz, I don’t have all the backgrounds on my pc.

@ chagi
It doesn’t suck, the music is supposed to sound snes-like >_> And mp3’s are too big.

The light/dark problem can be fixed with your 1337 PS skills, no? :wink:

EDIT: And here is tallon IV


ok, I dont like it, happy?

Yes. CAD’s MIDI’s > your existance. Once you learm that, your life will be much more successful.

When you hit I ingame, is the display supposed to be in the intro? >>

Yea, but it’s not finnished yet >>

But why do the orange panels glow when you’re in front of them? Are they supposed to do that?

Yes, those are the shields you see in the first area of the space frigate.

Shouldn’t this be in the downloads section of the site? Or are we going to wait for a later version?

I don’t know if I should put it on the site on the first place. I don’t want to dissapoint people.
My demo needs a lot more work before it is worth putting on the site…

I suppose, but so does the weapons test demo. XD

Hey :frowning:
I wasn’t talking about the physics. I actually think the physics in my demo are pretty good… fast, smooth and accurate.
I was talking about the general gameplay in my demo… maps, weapons, rooms, menu’s … I still need to do all of that.
I should have been more clear in my previous post :angry:

No, no, your engine is fine. All of those things though are under work. Larger map for the first room is done, and if you want me to do more, then I will. The rooms BGs combined with my random tube sheet and your PS skills make the greatest backgrounds ever, and I could make a new menu. Just say the word.

And I am working more on the beams, if you haven’t been to SCU for a bit.