Bruce Lee

What’s in this game?

28 Days/Weeks/Months/Years Later

Need For Speed

Metal Gear

Gran Turismo

Metroid Prime/Fusion/Super

The Doors (lol)

Samus in the Phazon Suit in a dojo covered in phazon for no reason at all

A metroid that leaves smoke and skidmarks before crashing into the wall


This is the most facinating game I’ve ever seen on this forum.

Just spawning enemies and crap is so much fun. What do you do when you start?

What… the hell…

I have no idea what I’m playing, but it’s fucking awesome.

Solid Snake fighting space pirates while driving a barbie car.


Pretty damn nice job on the pirates, too >_>

I think this sums it up: “ZOMGWTFLMAO.”

I think the most fascinating game on this forum would be the forum’s game. XD
There’s no real goal yet, just the most massive engine test to be witnessed by man.

Yep, thanks. All the sprites kinda took a while, took me the longest on the grass in the background, actually. And I’m still not happy with it, lololol.


This is the most unorganized, unplanned game I’ve ever made. I just added whatever I thought would be fun to do in a game, and next thing I know, I have this huge, fat baby in my hands that has the potential to become anything.
I have a few of the very early releases uploaded somewhere if you guys are interested.

Most definetly. If you have any levels/demo’s etc… please upload them.

You could do SO much fascinating crap with this game it’s really hard to beleive. You could really make any kind of game you want.

Some of the enemies are really hard unless you’re samus or snake though. Mabye the karate dudes should have a more significant edge or something.

But anyway, you should defintly post levels if you have any. : )

One thing I’d like would be the ability to pause while spawning enemies and to set how many of an enemy to spawn. I like setting up rooms of pirates to kill, but I get mauled while selecting pirate over and over again.

Bruce Lee, is frankly, awesome.
Seriously, it’s all in a similar style, all fits in, and is really awesome.

I think one possible usage for it would be a level designer, to go with the car designer, and an online database of levels and vehicles.

And what Dazzy said.

I 3rd this. I really wanted to take on 3 enemy samus’s, but I could barely manage to spawn two before having to hustle so I don’t die.

I kinda have a ghetto pause set up if you press the enter button.
The cursor disappears when pausing, though. I may want to change that?

Oh wait, better idea. I’ll make a menu in the pause thing (just like you guys are saying). Then, assuming my pause menu setup is versatile enough, I’ll be able to add more customizable elements.

I’m not too sure about a level designer, but that does sound awesome. I’m going to try to make an online version (or at least learn online play, if any of you guys know what you’re doing, please help me.) and if I fail at that again I’ll jump right to the level designer.

Here’s some copy/paste from the Bruce Lee Development forum that’s dead right now:
This one was lost after a tragic hard drive incident. You can play as Link in this one.
This was when the game was really starting to take shape. The cars now had a handbrake, along with MANY more things. Snake is in here, too.
There was a really silly message system here, I took it out later and re-did it. I was experimenting with motion blur, didn’t like it (too hard on the computer), so I took it out in the next release.
A very dry Bruce Lee. Samus finally got done.
There was no leap button here, and Bruce still flashed red while attacking! Very old.
Bruce Lee 1.0
Quite literally the very first, previously unreleased Bruce Lee. It all started one day in Tech Club…Of course this got entirely re-done. This was done on a school computer without registered Game Maker.

Dude. Freaking awesome. There is this terrific glitch, that if you’re Samus and try and go inside the Morph Ball, by the barbie car (I know Samus can’t use cars, I just wanted to see what would happen). Anyways, Samus turned invisible. Yeah. That’s it, just invisible. Everything else works great. But that makes it like, ten times awesomer. Seriously, nice job on the game…thing, its really good.

(P.S. Perfection. It is SO attainable.)

Making a game pause is a lot more of a hassle then most think, I would suggest you put a line in ever AI code to deactivate it. (not deactivate the instance)

if pause=0 {
//add AI/Player controls coding here, if pause = 1 AI/player control code will NOT be executed
//code to cancel any motion (like vspeed or hspeed)

You basically freeze the objects while still being able to see them.
You could make the menu pop up when pause=1

Just giving you my two cents.

Thanks, ed, but I found another way.
In my display object’s step event, I have it take a screenshot, deactivate all the instances, and then use the screenshot as a background. It’s pretty spiffy. When it’s unpaused, I just have it do the usual activate/deactivate instances inside/outside a certain space. Hopefully it’ll work for you if you ever try it.

Anyways, I have the new one uploaded with:
-Instead of Goku (who was a pretty crappy boss anyways, I’m going to redo the crap out of him) I have Bruce Lee (yellow suit) as an enemy. Bruce vs. Bruce fights usually turn out to be insanely epic, since this enemy Bruce will try to dodge your attacks, and if you come charging at him, he’ll roundhouse you in the face before pummeling you to a bloody, fleshy pulp.
Press enter to access the pause menu. You can go into the spawn settings, options, things like that in there.

That glitch sounds so cool that I don’t know if I want to fix it. It happened with Link before when I had him in there (lost him due to a tragic hard drive incident), didn’t know Samus would do that too.
I want to have a few “glitches” in there that are very hard to access, while at the same time, very cool to see.
There’s a lot of easter eggs I want to put in the final game. It’ll be more like cracking my head open than playing a game, I guess.

I think the Morph Ball moves way too quickly. I can barely control it.

Yea thats the way I pause my games and switch to the GUI Menu. It’s a great system and you can do a lot of cool stuff with it like blur the ‘screenshot’ and fade the menu on top of it (more on that later in another topic >:3)
In your case it would be nice to add enemies while paused and it’s less of a hassle to do that while the objects are still drawing and mentally deactivated or ‘paused.’

Gnarly room transitions, but I am in the process of making some equally gnarly rooms to go transition to. It’s pretty solid, being able to have up to one room have exits to up to four rooms. However, the transition itself is instantaneous, and therefore ugly as hell right now.
I’m going to go to bed now and fix it up nice and purty in the morning.

Have you added the phazon suit or am i doing something wrong with alt on samus

yeeah kinda. You actually have to press 2 to get it, now.
The F1 help file is WAAAAAAAAAY outdated.

I haven’t been inspired enough lately to make any awesome new levels, but I do have a few of 'em connected now. Be VERY careful with F2 and F3 now, since it gets a little crazy sometimes. Try not to die too often, either. Things get really weird in this new one, soon to be fixed.
Download here

he he he, i love the phazon suit. by the way how do you get the metroid car?
fantastic game i must say

@Room trans; What’s wrong with creation variables? Unlimited exits FTW?