Brothers and Sisters.

How many brothers or sisters do you have?

  • 2Brothers
  • 1brother
  • More than 2 brothers
  • A sister
  • 2 sisters
  • More than 2 sisters
  • None
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I have two brothers and 1 sister(my sister is my pet bird).I’m the second to last child because my bird is younger.

Um…unless your dad humped a pigeon in the last while, pets do not count as siblings in a family.

I got a very ugly sister

Younger sister, older brother…

older bro.

I have no brothers or sisters… 8)

Yeah having no brothers or sisters makes you REALLY cool…

Man im the middle child, less responsibility than the oldest, and less atention than the youngest…

So yeah, I guess that does make you cool E_P! :mrgreen:

Hey, some people consider pets part of the family. :stuck_out_tongue: Like, I have a ‘sister’. A half-poodle, half-schnauzer sister. :3 Beyond that, nothin’…

[b]Shouldnt you add ‘One of each’ to the poll, if you can do that?

Hey Daz, your an only child, if you exclude the Dog, so you have been awarded this

Yup I am getting the hang of this HTMl, whatever coding stuff! :E [/b]

You can vote for more than one option at a time. >_>

LmAo @ Got_Metroid???

Hey I didn’t know that, thanks Metroid072, I will

Votes for 1 Brother one Sister

You found that funny, Metroid Fanatic, then you deserve this!

I got 4 sisters and 1 brother, all older. Some might say I was the “accident” (but little do they know that I’m the best of the best /egoboost /gloat /train) :smiling_imp: .

I wouldnt, I usually see the first born as the mistake, if the parents werent married.

Woah, the youngest in the family, and your 19, right?
That must be some age diffrence 6 kids! thats 8 people in your family, rather large, rather extremely large!

Hey!! I’m an only child how come I didn’t get one??

I already said you were cool E_P, do you really need a crtificate to prove, meh, ill make one…

starts making a certificate of coolness for E_P!

Man, ive had a few posts here! (time to get a life?)

The certificate is like a proof of purchase, without one you don’t FEEL like your actually buying it.
End of confusing nonsense.