Hi. Im the new guy,manman8080.I am in charge of programing all of the boss fights.I have almost completed the parisite queen.She can attack with her mouth cannon, and there is the force field. :smiley:> I just need the samus sprites.As soon as destroyer f shows me how to poast it, it will be avaiable in the downloads.Note that it is a beta and I have not gotten the final sprites from destroyer f yet.This was all made in Paint. :cry: Im sorry. But the final fight will be finished soon.I just have to switch the final sprites.C ya. :smiley: :laughing:

Listen, if you REALLY want the Samus sprites, you could, you know, ask for them. We wouldn’t give them to you, but that way, you wouldn’t be banned from this forum permanently.

Enjoy your ban, by the way.
EDIT: By the way, if you are really being truthful, why aren’t you a team member, and why didn’t you ask DF for the sprites? All signs point to the fact that you’re a jerk and a loser, but hey, maybe you just have no idea how these forums work.

i think theres an image search on google that leads to the p2d samus sprites but that’s just a roomer.

nice first post! :sunglasses:

I’m sorry, but the last time I checked I WAS THE ONE DOING THE PQ AI!! And since I’ve not gotten the new PQ sprites that I wanted for my birthday, I have not done much more with it. IF you’re getting desperate DF, the PM me plz.

EDIT: Now that I think of it, your statements pretty much amount to a steaming pile of chicken crap (the stinkiest shit there is). When me and blacksands started programing AI for the demo, we where never given the Samus sprites. We really didn’t need them. DF already has PQ AI that fires at Samus, primitive though it may be. The only thing that needs to be added is a shield controller. I guess I might as well keep tweeking AI. Thanks for the reminder manman8080. ‘manman8080’…well there’s your sign.

I highly suspect that DF has no play in this, and that this is a random idiot. He lives in Ireland, so DF doesn’t know him in real life, and it’d be weird for him to go recruiting in other places without even mentioning something here.

Nice try.

Only not really.

Sorry for the slow response, jetlag = long nap. <_<

Whoa now… WTF happened here???

Ok, let me clear up the situation a bit. Yesterday, I received a pm from manman8080, asking if he could help with programming. I asked if he was interested in boss programming, since the pq is one hard piece of shit to program.

It was aimed to help Edthedestroyer, since I haven’t seen much progress lately, so maybe he could help him.

  1. I never said he actually got the job… I just asked if he was interested in enemy boss programming. He’s just way to fast with conclusions.
  2. I never said he could use our sprites or code

My apologies to Edthedestroyer, I never meant to replace you, I just thought that an additional programer might help you out. BTW I was going to pm you about the progress one of these days, but things happened a bit fast since yesterday it seems >_>

Now all lighten up on manman8080 plz, his intentions were good, he was just way to quick with conclusions.

Asking if you’re interested doesn’t mean you atually get the job. I got to check first if you qualify for the job (if you know gml well enough for example), since programming isn’t exactly easy.
When you program for p2d, you don’t get access to the code and all the sprites, you get instructions from me how to write your code. You only get access to the sprites you absolutely need (that doesn’t include samus).

… Oh shit.

Sorry then. You have to admit, this really seemed like a clever ruse to steal the Samuses. >_>

Shiiit. Sorry, Manman. ;__;

However, I would like to point out that his IP and location and such are all almost identical to a previous user who possibly attempted sprite theft in a very similar manner, so it wasn’t entirely speculation. Plus the deal with edthedestroyer and his work being entirely in the team-only forum, in which case an aspiring thief wouldn’t have any idea he existed. We went through quite a bit of investigation before prosecuting anything. :\

It seem like he wants to help but to steal samuses sprites, I don’t think samus is a bosses at all not unless they make a metroid game were you can play as a space pirate.

And you don’t get your own custom program code since it may have a bad reaction with the one they allready have.

Err…well this is kinda awkward >_>;;

Sorry for jumping all over you manman8080, but the was alot in your post and profile that had alarm bells go off.

While we’re on the subject of PQ, can you get Slothein to run me off a new set of sprites? The old one’s are not optimal for what I’m doing. What would be nice is for the PQ body had the tail attached to it since I can make the sprite flex. And also have the small sets of legs separate. Play the old version and you’ll see what I mean.

i think this games going to be great :laughing: :smiley: :wink: :slight_smile: :astonished: :smiley:>

Yo diggin’ graaaavez, boyo.

Note to n00b: Don’t bump year old topics. Especially with spam like that.

Note to minimodder: >_>

Sorry. Kinda.

Note to everyone: Did you get the last note?

you could go to the spriters recorce they have tons of sprites to use most of them need credit though :slight_smile:

again, this is a year old topic. also,

can you make karaid the garedian for the vara suit because he was the oritdgnal boss for it