Boss Sprites

Anyone that has a COMPLETE sheet of a boss, post it here to show it off. Leave the sprite production and discussion to the production forum, eh?

Way to copy and paste.

…which is the exact opposite of everyone else’s opinion.

Yeah…Daz is really gonna appreciate that said to him. Dude, you are not part of P2D, ok? In other words, you really have no say as to what this game should look like, because when it all comes down to it, its the team members who make the final say. I learned that first hand, so do yourself a favour and shut up now before you make the same mistake I did.

On a side note, I edited your post quote a bit cause you really have bad spelling and grammer skills.

Hard to believe this guy is 16.

Is that a reference to the immaturity or just bad spelling and grammar?


GOddamn. Supersamus, you aren’t a part of the P2D team, and thus YOU = NOT ALLOWED TO POST SPRITES HERE. Post them in the graphics board! THIS IS THE P2D TEAMS WORK ONLY. Don’t argue man, just leave this drug-out scenario die!

First off prove to me where the original colors were accurate and then I’ll even consider you to have a shred of intelligence. You’re only adding anger and hate to the forums by posting this, and you shouldn’t even bother.

Meta Ridley=Black. End of story. Even Daz proved it.

You know what? I think this is just a case of Supersamus here wanted to be noticed for something. SS, let me explain something to you. Even IF you made Meta-Ridley the perfect color and everyone here went, “wow, that’s perfect!”, you still aren’t gonna get any credit for it, because you didn’t make it. Trust me dude, you do not wanna push mods/admins too far in this forum, cause trust me, these guys aren’t gonna lose any sleep over warning or even suspending your ass for acting like this. I’m only gonna say this one more time, and if you still don’t listen, I can only hope you get in trouble. Shut…up.

As a side note, what’s a peaple? Is that some kind of fruit or something? :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing: :laughing:

Let me just say this:

SuperSamus, shut up. Honestly. People have voiced their opinions on your “sprites”. They don’t like them, and you for some reason can’t accept that. So instead you keep nagging and nagging. And because you are repeatedly bringing up Daz and putting him down, I’m going to consider that flaming. And guess what flaming equals?

If you guessed a warning, you would be correct.

I’m not trying to make myself an enemy or anything, but this is a public project, commented on by…well, the public. And if you can’t take opinions and a general asking of you to just let it go, then leave.

Thank you.

This so important topic is now full of spammshit :confused:

SS: Daz is part of the team, and he is one of the most important members so that he can choose if something goes or not.

And, there arent stupid people in the forum, unless youre talking about the few (or none!) that has the same attitude as yours.

Yup. Definately filled to the top with spam. I say we delete all the useless posts made here, leaving it nice and empty for the actual goodies.

Ultimately I decide wha goes or not, but, yes, Daz’s opinion goes a long way as well.

Seeing as this guy is in the Validation group now, I assume he’s banned or suspended. I recommend deleting all posts in this thread and assuming tighter moderation to get rid of spammers before they get too far.

Goody, suspended? It was really tempting to hit that button before, but I was afraid of doing it without MH’s blessing… good to see he got what he deserved. Damned n00b.

He’s right, this whole topic is a fight. Whatdya’ say lets clear it and make some progress?

He’s not suspended. He IM’ed me asking for his account to be deleted. I’m not going to though because his reasons for leaving were rather angsty and I have a feeling he will be coming back. Plus I just plain don’t feel like click two buttons and doing some stuff to delete…

Yes I AM that lazy.

What my question is, Why do people come to this forum just to start fights? ITS STUPID!

I don’t think people come just to start fights. I’m an admin of two boards and have modded ten more and I’ve come across a theory why these people exist.

Forums are like the blood stream(Admins/Mods=white bloodcells Members=Red Bloodcells). Every once in a while a virus must enter the system and get you sick so that your immune system must fight it.

I think these people are essential to keep the board healthy. They’re the reason why we establish rules (Rules=Antibodies) to help contain the problem.

In the case of these people, they don’t really intend to fight. I can see he meant well in the begining and was very passionate about keeping the old colors for Meta Ridley. Everyone jumped on him said “No those are the wrong colors.” He didn’t listen. People like him are ignorant and are set in thier ways so deep they can’t take a little criticizm. I think we were a bit harsh on him too, jumping on him and calling him names making him feel worse. Not that I say we’re wrong… he’s the one that kept going on and on about it and he didn’t quit. However the point is, I don’t believe it was his intention to do this.